THE Debate?

The debate as just ended. Your intrepid (I flatter myself, but; what the hell?) commentator offers you his thoughts in advance of exposure to spin.

Both candidates landed a few jabs. Both candidates had some good lines; ‘trickle down government’’; “Secret plan ? Because their too good”?

But you have to keep in mind; there are those of us who pay ongoing attention to politics, day to day. There are those who are getting their initial serious exposure. Those folks actually call the shots. How did it appear to them? Hell, I don’t know, I pay attention nearly every day; until I just can’t take it anymore. I can only offer an educated guess. What I do know is the campaigns have data on exactly this issue, or they should.

In the final strategic analysis, aforementioned issues considered, Obama did not improve his position and Romney did not hurt his. That results in the judgment here of a win for Romney…….narrowly on some issues, dramatically on others. I expected some ‘bomb’ dropped on Mr. Romney from the President, but it never happened. Come on guys; October! Where is my surprise?

Romney was clearly not intimidated by the President and the President demonstrated a bit of frustration at being challenged. Subtle! Honest people will disagree, Geeks will argue. No problem, it’s not we here in GeekDome that will call the election. We’re part of the solid 46% on either side.

It was somewhat spirited in parts, and exceptionally sleepy in others. Romney did a better job of defining the overarching philosophical point of view. This is what Conservatives wanted, yes? Bold colors! The President could not resist the ‘weeds of policy and process’ and Romney followed him there too often; but often enough to demonstrate a level of expertise. Some of the, ‘new folks to the process’ probably wanted to go sleepy at some points of the debate, I know I did!

The economic growth position was given effective voice by Romney, it was, however, early in the proceedings.

Debate coaches will tell you that the President’s repititon of refuted points was a significant points deduction.

My bottom line is, if this were a football game, Romney 24, Obama 14.