Study Hall


Relax, everyone, everything is under control! Secretary Clinton has spoken.

The nature of the attacks on Benghazi, patently obvious to nearly anyone possessed of common sense demands a bureaucratic commission to study it. Deaths that may prove to be the fault of the State Department will be investigated by……………..wait for it……………the State Department. Oh, and don’t waste your energy, we won’t have results until…………wait for it again………….after election day. The FBI can’t get in to investigate, but the commission will ride to the rescue; hmmm, there must be magical powers involved here somewhere.

All of the spin and dissembling aside, does anyone believe that the security in Benghazi was sufficient? Does anyone think that multiple prior attacks did not justify a significant increase in the security posture? Reporting that there were multiple requests for additional security appear to have multiple sources. What security showed up, was not even assigned to the Ambassador. SEALS do what SEALS do, they run toward the gunfire.

And yet, the situation requires Ambassador Pickering to head a committee to ‘study’ it. No decisions, no changes, no immediate response. What we need here is review, study and recommendations. If you’re a mid level bureaucrat at the Libya desk or in contracting at the State Department I’d start brushing up my resume if I were you. The bad news is that at least one of you will be hung. The good news is, not until after Election Day.

We have, supposedly, vast resources focused on terrorism. A director of the counter terrorism bureau actually spoke the words; terror attack. We don’t have Marines; we have a British contracting firm fighting with the contracting desk at State. We have multiple media outlets with multiple sources reporting on the sequence of events.

I would suggest to the Secretary that a significant number of State Department employees are highly upset over this incident and the manner in which it has been handled; they are the likely sources for the media and the Secretary knows it. The Secretary knows that she doesn’t need a commission. What she does not appear to know is that leadership is required, not a study hall.