Symptoms and Common Sense

When facts are hard to come by; when you can’t agree on facts, you judge from symptoms. Not such a bad thing, typically, in the absence of agreed facts, common sense kicks in based on the symptoms you can see.

The New York Post reports that the American response to 33 U.S. soldiers being killed by green on blue attacks is Afghanistan is to, essentially, blame the troops. More sensitivity training for U.S troops is the answer to the problem. Troops must be further sensitized to Muslim sensibilities! The premise being, one is left to suppose, that more sensitivity to the Muslim ethos will eliminate the virulent strain of radical Islamism in Afghanistan! The Taliban will go quietly, if we’re just more sensitive to their needs and beliefs. Sensitivity is required to placate the Taliban of public executions, stoning and harsh subjugation of women; the Taliban of no education for women, insistent on those lovely blue burkas.


Troops are being placed in Dhimmitude status. Dhimmitude is a critical aspect of Islamic Jurisprudence; it calls for second class status for non Muslims in Muslim countries and comes with a harsh set of expectations for non Muslims, important things such as a prohibition against walking on the same side of the street as a Muslim; it’s about putting you down and keeping you there. As a non Muslim you must accept one of three options: Dhimmitude, conversion to Islam or death. The first time in history where Jews were forced to wear badges on their clothing to identify them as Dhimmis, occurred during the Islamic expansion of the 9th century. Hitler just picked up on the idea later on.

Muslim sensitivities are, to us, never ending. Make a friendly request of your Afghan trainee, like asking to see a picture of the wife and kids after having a conversation about the wife and kids and you’re guilty of a cultural affront. Mishandling a Koran can be a death sentence; don’t blow your nose in the presence of Muslims, don’t walk in front of praying Muslims and don’t use your left hand because that hand is reserved for wiping your ass. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Martin Dempsey is leading this particular parade and the Jihadists are smiling from ear to ear. Murder enough Americans and General Dempsey will endeavor to change things in your favor. Are we fighting a war or waging a PR battle? We’re not doing so well with that entire PR thing in the Middle East and South Asia; is anyone taking the lesson?

Say good bye to the warrior ethos, say hello to sensitivity training. In the midst of fighting a war, we make room for the ‘soft Jihad’ of ‘cultural sensitivities’. Scream about civilian casualties and the rules of engagement change to a standard that creates an advantage for the enemy and costs American lives.

If we limit the rules of engagement, suspend operations with Afghan troops, kneel in submission to sensitivities we don’t share and have no answer to the power of Afghan tribalism; common sense demands the question, what the hell are we doing there?