Fear Of Facts And The 47%

If the recent Romney 47% dust up tells us anything, it’s that we have evolved our political discourse to the point where the truth must be avoided and facts discounted. Despite the fact that experts and pundits of all orientations have pointed out the fact on many occasions; 47% of us don’t pay Federal income taxes and it is roughly equivalent to those who receive government assistance. The fact is of no import; its only important if the candidate actually speaks it. Apparently, somehow, Mr. Romney, by identifying the truth is, well, you fill in the blank; it’s all on the table, from racism to xenophobia.

Should the 47% be upset with Mr. Romney; no!

It is true that 47% of the American people don’t pay Federal income taxes. Yes, yes they pay Medicare and Social Security taxes, money paid for a program that is supposed to end up being paid back to them. The fact that both programs are in dire financial straits does not break through the media’s opportunity to ‘paint’ the politics of it in a negative light.

Mr. Romney is correct, 47% of the folks will not vote for him, it’s no secret to anyone paying attention. The 47% enjoys Government largess of one sort or another and many, in fact, need help. Despite the reality that the economic facts all point to collapse, people want their ‘stuff’.

The 47% should consider that economic crisis will take their stuff away. Not as a function of a slow process but as a straw that breaks the Camel’s back. The ‘stuff’ is paid for with borrowing. The ‘stuff’ is paid for by the other 53% of the population, the ‘stuff’ is a not a permanent condition when trillion dollar a year deficits are in place to pay for it.

Hey, you, the 47%!! You want to keep, at least, some of your ‘stuff’? You want us to help those in need? Okay, we’re with you but a return to fiscal and economic sanity is the only way to accomplish it.

Let’s broaden the argument as food for thought. Nearly every nation on earth suffers crushing debt. Ask yourself, when does global debt crash economic systems to the point where that piece of paper you call money ends up being worthless??? We’ve seen it before; the Weimar Republic comes to mind, the famous photograph where a wheel barrel full of ‘money’ was needed to buy a loaf of bread. We’ve seen it in South America and in Africa where people are walking around with currency that says a piece of paper is worth a million and just 50 of them will get you a gallon of gas. In those cases the crisis was not global but the lesson remains.

Who suffers the worst in a collapse guaranteed by crushing debt and rampant inflation? The 47% does, it has always been that way, the history is clear.

The ‘stuff’ is not akin to the Biblical provision of ‘manna from heaven’. The ‘stuff’ is a function of the economic ability to provide it. We can argue over the validity of entitlements, we can argue over their structure, we can argue over dependency. We cannot argue with the fact that a collapsing economy, riddled with debt won’t deliver ‘stuff’ forever; or at least not much of it.