Why Muslim Rage?

Salman Rushdie lives to this day under a death sentence from Iran over the publication of his novel the ‘Satanic Verses.’ For those unaware, the Satanic Verses are a part of the Koran. Mohammed, for political reasons, backed off essential core teachings of Islam, that event is represented in the Satanic Verses. These verses were later disregarded by Islamic ‘scholars’’ who, in every other case of the Koran are strict in their contention that the Koran is the absolute work of God by way of his prophet Mohammed. The rational for this convenient deconstruction of Mohammed’s words; ‘the devil made him do it’, thus the Satanic Verses. Somehow the devil avoided the Archangels Michael and Gabriel who delivered the Koran, to ‘get to’ Mohammed.

Theo Van Gogh was brutally murdered on the street for his participation in a movie critical of Islam.

‘Fitna’ a movie that did nothing other than quote the Koran while displaying Islamic violence contrary to the quotes produced another death sentence, this one directed at Gert Wilders.

The infamous Danish cartoons motivated worldwide Islamic rage. In addition to the mandatory death sentence, Danish embassies throughout the world were attacked, boycotts called for and violence directed at those having had nothing to do with the production of the cartoons. All you had to do was be Danish. By the way, Denmark had for 30 years been a haven for Islamic immigration from the Middle East and North Africa.

Why this rage? Because it works, it intimidates!

Liberal commentators such as Mr. Barnacle of MSNBC, right here in good old, free speech loving U.S.A. wants the producer of the film charged with murder and summarily thrown in jail. The killing of innocents can be excused, objectionable free speech cannot. The LA County Sheriff weighs in announcing he intends to investigate the filmmakers. Hillary Clinton gives a nod to the Organization of the Islamic Conference resolution that essentially bans criticism or ‘disrespect’ of Islam. Yup, that fear and intimidation things seems to be working well indeed.

Britain refused entry to Gert Wilders, who had been invited to speak to Parliament in fear of Muslim reaction and rage.

Police throughout Europe will not enter areas (no go zones) where Islamic immigrants have settled accepting lawlessness within their cities for fear of Muslim rage.

In Britain, demonstrations by Muslims are acceptable; demonstrations in support of Israel are not. On one occasion police demanded that a Star of David, displayed in a fourth story window along the route intended by a Muslim demonstration be removed. Fear, fear, fear!

The hypocrisy is endemic. To focus on just one example, pre-school age children in Gaza watch cartoons depicting Jews as people who eat Muslim children. The superhero of the story, of course, kills them to the adulation of all. This is acceptable in the International Community which provides the funds for such activities by Hamas, however, Danish cartoons are not acceptable and are justifications to violence and public death sentences absent jurisprudence?

And yet, our leaders sympathize with murderous Islamic behaviors; decry criticism of Islam while Coptic Christians in Egypt are subjected to systematic genocide. Christians in Iran are jailed for not reason other than their faith. A non Islamic church cannot be built or repaired in the Muslim world. Bring a bible into Saudi Arabia and you’re going to jail; and that’s the best option you can hope for.

We are apparently hot and bothered over human rights except when they are absent in the Muslim world. The Muslim world abandoned the UN, International Declaration of Human Rights and produced their own, just for themselves. No opposition!

One must ask; are the foundations of Islam so weak that a cartoon cannot be tolerated? Is there such a distinct lack of confidence in the faith that all criticism must be eliminated? Catholics, Christians and Jews are under constant attack and criticism; they do not demonstrate Islamic behaviors, they do not engage in mob behaviors resulting in random and murderous rage. They do not call for the death of those that criticize.

The question is simple. We do or do not have our own sense of confidence in our values and social norms. We do or do not defend values that are endemic to the American success story. The evidence of late is that we do not. To excuse Islamic excess and violence is to deliver the ultimate message of weakness. To apply our own values only when convenient, or when we are fearful is further proof of weakness to the Islamic world.