Another 9/11 Wake Up Call

As Americans gathered to read the names of the fallen at Ground Zero, Muslim ‘rebels’ took four more American lives in Libya.

As Americans reflected on the 11th anniversary of September 11th, as we revisited the video record of that day; Egyptians gathered at the American Embassy shouting, “We are all Osama bin Laden”. The mob was motivated by an obscure video that, in all likelihood, not 1% of them had actually seen.

The politically correct demand that Islam is worthy of respect regardless of Islamic behaviors ignores the facts. Islamic terror attacks approach 20,000 worldwide since September 11th, 2001. The math is simple; five terror attacks a day, every day.

The ‘apology’ by the U.S. Embassy in Egypt may not have been approved by Washington; however approval or the absence of it is academic. The climate and culture in the Administration, particularly in the White House and State Department empowers that embassy to be confident in issuing such a statement. The embassy staff issued a statement that they, no doubt, knew was consistent with the President and Secretary of State’s approach. They were correct; they operated within a context that has been defined for them by the administration’s actions and rhetoric. When the origin and brain trust of Islamic radicalism, the Muslim Brotherhood, is welcomed at the White House, the message is clear.

In a recurrently volatile Middle East, there is no time for the Israeli Prime Minister. Perhaps if the Prime Minister sponsored a Presidential fund raiser he could grab a couple of minutes with President Obama to discuss the existential threat Iran represents. The message is clear.

At the U.N. the Islamic block wants ‘International Law’ that bans criticism of Islam; the Secretary of State has demonstrated some empathy with their position. They need it strategically. They need to be able to do as they will, protected by International Conventions that eliminate criticism of those actions. They seek International justification for the misery and mayhem they level at non-believers. Islamic society is dominated by 1,000 year old interpretations of Islam. Islamic society and law are based on Islam, therefore, by extension, their moral compass, their intentions, they’re actions must be above reproach. Free speech must be limited by ever so fragile Islamic sensibilities. To this writer, fragile sensibilities are a demonstration of weakness and lack of confidence.
The American Ambassador in Libya, to all accounts, was one of the good guys. He was on the ground with the rebels in Benghazi during the uprising. He appears to have been highly motivated and committed to Libyan democracy. It did not matter! If he didn’t matter, what does matter?

What matters, what should matter, is that Islamists have declared war on our values while, at the same time, use those values against us. What matters is that the curtain must be pulled back to reveal true Islamic intentions. What matters is strength so comprehensive as to dissuade violence. What matters is that as we approach 20,000 Islamic terror attacks over the past 11 years that the wakeup call is finally answered.

“An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat his last!” Winston Churchill