Predictable Ignorance

Okay folks I get it. You’re fired up, it’s convention time. Emotions get the best of you? Got some rhetorical competition going on there at the old DNC?

The Nazi reference count is now at three. Paul Ryan as Goebbels, Nikki Haley portrayed as Eva Braun in the bunker and of course Paul Ryan compared to Hitler. Really folks, is it not possible to have discourse absent the Nazi references? Each and every Nazi reference is a dramatic demonstration of ignorance.

The context of the Goebbels reference is the accusation of “The Big Lie” aimed at Ryan. However, if you know your history you’ll discover that ‘The Big Lie” is a product of the radical left. Georges Sorel, a philosophical marker for Marxists, Socialists and Fascists alike in the 1920’s and 30’s (Mussolini credited him with ‘making him who he was) held that “Marxist ideals didn’t need to be true, people just needed to think it was true.” He expanded the point by contending that any idea that can be successfully imposed, with violence if necessary, becomes good and true. He also addressed the execution of those ideas; “you need good liars”.

Then there is Johann Gottfried von Herder, argued by many to be the father of Nazism argued for a “civil religion” whereby faith in the State precluded faith in God, enforced by an all powerful God-State. Mussolini stood on the shoulders of Sorel, Sorel stood on the shoulders of Rousseau and Robespierre’s Jacobins, as did von Herder. From the French Revolution to Hitler’s Germany, the philosophical underpinnings of an all powerful state with violence and terror at its core are the result of Leftist thinking.

Aspects of that thinking survive: the centrality of government, the need for an elite ruling class, the ignorance of masses that must be led by lies if necessary, central planning and the elevation of a single strong leader unencumbered by Constitutional, religious or moral restrictions.

Anything sound familiar here?