Sounds Like Racism To Me

Hypocrisy is a consistent theme of conservative writers, with more than a little justification. We have been warned for months that this campaign would be ugly, that the race card would be played at every turn; it has; it has just begun.

MSNBC is, of course, on the racism bandwagon, hurling charges of racism hither and you. In an amazing bit of editorial manipulation, minority speakers at the RNC were not broadcast on MSNBC. Why? Are they so insecure or uncomfortable with their editorial direction that any bit of evidence to the contrary is simply unacceptable?

Is the MSNBC ‘racist’ narrative so weak that the mere presence of minority Republican speakers is such a bold intimidation that their intellectual powers fail them? They have had no trouble in the past charging actual minorities with racism against the minority group that they are a member of. MSNBC and their contributors such as Eric Dyson and Toure demonstrate unique arrogance when they demand ‘groupthink’ of minorities.

Is elimination of minority presence at major political event racism? Do not those individuals have a point of view to contribute? Do you give up your status as a minority if you stray from ‘groupthink’? Considering the wide array of definitions and illustrations of racism from the MSNBC stable, this set of editorial decisions must fall into one of those categories.

Liberal commentators look for and find some manner of racist underpinning nearly everywhere. It has become the modern day equivalent of the 1950’s ‘Communist under every bed”. If you look hard enough and with a sufficiently jaundiced eye, it appears that you will in fact find racism under every bed. Portions of the Black inteligencia tell us that we can’t fix racism, that there is no solution, it’s inbred. The very fact of being born non-black creates racism. There is nothing you can do. There is no solution. Don’t bother to attempt to overcome racist inclination; you can’t! That’s one hell of a way to fight racism and win hearts and minds!

MSNBC has no compunction, no hesitancy in hurling charges of racism hither and yon, they play the race card on a daily basis, they do so absent facts. Th.y refuse to telecast minority speakers at the RNC! Minorities are excluded by MSNBC; no presence, no voice, no value, no point of view. Sounds like racism to me!