Occupy Isaac

The Occupy folks and their compatriots are, as we know, planning to make hay at the RNC in Tampa. Ah….but a storm with a biblical name may descend upon them like a plague.

Isaac may test their mettle. Can they keep their tents up?

We’re still unsure what they’re for; against nearly everything short of anarchy but what of the anarchy of weather? Perhaps the hurricane is a function of global warming, oops, climate change. We could protest the weather; blame it on the banks and the corporations, the World Bank and the great financial conspiracy that encompasses us all. Don’t laugh; this would be well within the margins of Occupy illogic and that of their sympathizers, including the President and Ms. Pelosi.

Might make a great ad; a clip of the President as he expresses his sympathy with Occupy followed by a few short clips of how Occupy behaves. Of course evacuating your bowels on a Police car in the middle of a hurricane won’t last long as ‘performance art’ but you’ve got to go with what you’ve got. Perhaps pissing with the wind would be a better strategy. Question is can we get everyone in a well organized line for the yellow message? Can we get them all pointed in the proper direction. There is some question as to whether these folks really do know which way the wind blows?

There is, of course, the crime issue. If Occupy folks have to spend two or three days in tents what havoc will they unleash on each other? If memory serves: rape, thievery, fraud, drug dealing, harassment and chaos rendered on small businesses; somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 serious felonies?

Then, of course, there is the commitment issue. Occupy tended to fade away when it got a bit nippy. Wonder how they’ll hold up to Isaac?