Springtime In Egypt

From the post on May 4, 2011; “Will The Arab Spring Turn to Winter? “ If the Arab Spring becomes a Brotherhood controlled exercise, winter will soon set in.”

The news is full of reporting coming out of the Egyptian ‘spring’. Crucifixions with naked bodies hung on trees outside the Presidential palace. Rampant gangs of Islamists doling out Sharia based justice, as they see fit, on the street. Media outlets in opposition are being closed down. Coptic Christians being murdered individually and in groups as they gather for religious services. Egypt has laid out serious threats to re-militarize the Sinai, positioning troops within striking distance of Israel. U.S. allies and connections in the Egyptian military are being dismissed as President Morsy consolidates power and moves Egypt from a Military dictatorship to an Islamic dictatorship. The basis for the dictatorship will be a constitution that is setting up to be a Morsy dictated exercise.

The outcome predicted in this space; one man, one vote, one time appears to be gathering momentum as the Muslim Brotherhood commences the transformation of Egypt into an Islamic based dictatorship with Sharia at its core. Don’t be appalled, serious students of Islamic theology and its current interpretation predicted exactly this outcome. Sharia demands the atrocities aforementioned; the Muslim Brotherhood has been at the center of this interpretation since the 1940’s.

What is appalling is the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood has been entertained at the White House, and courted by the Secretary of State. Muslim Brotherhood surrogates: CAIR, the Council for American Islamic Relations, MSA, The Muslim Students Association and dozens of alphabet soup organizations has deep roots within the politically correct administration we currently suffer. This was, in the interest of balance, also the case during the Bush administration. These organizations are steadfastly opposed to the entirety of our culture and legal structure. Brotherhood ‘approved’ organizations have, since the Bush administration, been hired by FBI, CIA, the State Department, DHS and police organizations to ‘sensitize’ the bureaucracy and law enforcement to Islamic culture and concerns. At the same time Islamic clerics in the U.S. insist that Muslims never cooperate with U.S. law enforcement agencies. Massive volumes of information are available at web sites maintained by MEMRI, The Religion of Peace, Jihad Watch and Steve Emerson’s Investigative Project for Terrorism. The dots connect themselves!

President Morsy will, as is so often the case with Islamic governments, act one way at home and describe an alternate reality to the U.S and the West. In Egypt Morsy is consolidating power as evidenced by his removal of top Army officers on the heels of the incident in the Sinai. With us he will insist it is a temporary situation and that he will ‘moderate’ as soon as things calm down. He’ll make the same manner of promise that President Obama did to Russian Prime Minister Medvedev; ‘let the dust settle and we’ll make a deal’. We’ve been down this road before and it always ends up with the U.S. looking ignorant, immature and fueled by what we would like to believe as opposed to the reality on the ground and history.

Is this foreign policy or a Mel Brooks’ movie, with the dancing Hitlers replaced by dancing Mullahs?