On PBS Friday, John Harris of Politico, as he often does, attempted to subtly undermine the GOP ticket and still retain the aura of objectivity. John, you simply have to try harder!

In light of new found energy on the GOP side John has a little water to throw on the fire. His bucket, this time, was filled with the Republican ‘operative class’. Good Lord, another class to keep track of. John reports that the ‘operative class’ is squishy (authors characterization) over the Paul Ryan VP selection. He contends that the political ‘pros’ on the Republican side have grave concerns about the Ryan pick.

Question for the Republican ‘operative class’; really?

The Republican ‘operative class’ has had their heads handed to them in each of the last three elections. Democrats took over Congress in 2006. In 2008 the White House and both houses of Congress went Democratic. In 2010 the ‘operative classes’ worst fear, the Tea Party, took control of the debate and generated the most significant electoral turn in a generation; over 700 changes nationwide. They managed it absent the sage advice of the ‘operative class’.

The ‘operative class’ may be squishy but it’s not about Paul Ryan. They’re generally squishy; lacking a philosophical grounding in the interest of; oh, I don’t know, being an ‘operative’. Perhaps going zero for three creates that squishy feeling; more afraid of losing than intent on wining. Perhaps they’re squishy because the Conservative grass roots have risen up and aren’t paying attention to the ‘pros’. Perhaps the presence of an actual belief system has the operators rolled up in a philosophical fetal position.

One suspects that John Harris’, ‘operative class’ has been involved in a circular discussion absent commitment. Perhaps the ‘operative class’ has been confronted by a six year record of irrelevance and failure.

I’d be squishy too!