Palin Is A Dope! NOT!

Nearly anything Sarah Palin says is going to be immediately rejected by the Left. Fair enough. Disagreement is not a criminal act. In fact, in the case of Ms. Palin, disagreements are, by far, the lesser of the evils she has been subjected to.

She knows the ‘typicalls’ of the Left very well having gone through a very tough education on the fine points of personal destruction and vindictive political games.

When she suggested that V.P. Biden be replaced by Secretary Clinton she was nearly guaranteeing that Secretary Clinton would not be on the ticket. You see, if Ms. Palin says it, it must be wrong! Has to be, there can be no issue where the Left in general or the President in particular can be seen as agreeing with Sarah Palin, let alone being seen as taking her advice.

That ‘dope’ Palin just played a successful game of reverse psychology on the entire political process. She helped remove the single greatest threat to the Republican ticket, Hillary Clinton. Sun Tsu would be proud.