The Right Answers, Part Deux

Mitt Romney’s tax returns! The right answer is; “I’ll release 10 years of tax returns the same day the President vacates his very first executive order sealing his own records!”

Tax Policy? The right answer is; “The president, of late, has not addressed any economic policy except for the Jobs Bill he knew was doomed and supported as no more than a manufactured campaign talking point; that and raising taxes. Considering the economic challenges we face who believes that raising taxes on a small percentage of Americans absent an evaluation of spending, no clear priorities and no plan for reform of entitlements is going to get us were we need to go? Tax policy is only one aspect of what the economy needs to regenerate growth.”

Defense Policy: “You need know only one thing. The President has offered no leadership on how to avoid sequestration. He was absent during the ‘super’ committee process, he’s been absent ever since. Blame, yes of course, plenty of that. But where is the leadership that will avoid gutting the military and eliminating 200,000 defense related jobs in a job poor economy?”

The Capital of Israel? The right answer is Jerusalem.

Vice Presidential nominees? Pundits say, “oh no, not Paul Ryan his Medicare plan will become the focus of the discussion”. The right answer is; “let’s have that discussion”. The right answer is who would you rather have making the case? The right answer is, without reform Medicare is doomed and the economy with it. The right answer is; “bring it on”! Marco Rubio is too young and inexperienced; he has more experience than Mr. Obama had upon his ascension to the Presidency. Rubio has a gift for presenting a Conservative message in a way that is non-threatening and makes sense. He can communicate a conservative message that relies on a logical sequence of considerations. He can tap into the inherently Conservative leanings of the Hispanic community. He’s young and energetic. The right answer is “bring it on”.

The attacks from the Obama Super Pac? The right answer is a question. “Considering how blatantly, and factually incorrect the ad is, how mean spirited, how closely connected to the White House; are these the folks you want making decisions on American policy?” “Are these the folks you’ll feel a sense of pride in as the leaders of the nation?” “Are these the folks you’ll count on for even handed transparency?”