Mitt, Meet Tom

Mitt, how about a campaign theme song? It goes a little like this; “I won’t back down, I won’t back down; you can stand me up at the gates of hell and I won’t back down.” Tom Petty.

Mitt, don’t back off. The Brits were not ready for the Olympics. You smelled it, they had to know it.

The Palestinian culture is the problem! It’s a murderous culture based on sectarian hatred, closest to Fascism as an ideology and fueled by religious zealotry. It’s a culture based on dependency and the manufactured guilt that feeds it. How many times have they turned the deal down? The deal breaker was the continued existence of Israel and recognition of its right to exist. Arab support for the Palestinians is little more than the purchase of anti Israeli cannon fodder. The Arabs will fight …….. right down to the last Palestinian!

The ‘shove it’ aide! Give him a raise and let us know who he is! Many of us would have done the same thing in the face of rude, insensitive reporters screaming questions at a hallowed site in Poland.

The speech in Israel was excellent. Bold colors, bold differences delivered in a positive context. The insistence that negotiations occur between the parties is crucial. It is a message to nations ‘bought off’ by Palestinian fictions or intimidated by Arab political pressure to ‘solve’ the Palestinian question.

Don’t back off, defend! Use the predictable reaction of the MSM to expand the rationale and explain the position! It’s not as if there is any mystery as to where they’re coming from. Don’t accept their premise, attack the facts and illuminate the thinking that underlies the policy.

Don’t back down!