I’d Call Bill

“Ladies and Gentleman, live from the DNC, in the Blue corner, Billllllll Clintooooooon!” (Channel Michael Buffer) It’s Rock Star time at the DNC; Bill can’t resist. The question is, which Bill Clinton shows up; naughty Saturday night Bill or righteous Sunday morning going to church Bill?

Will the message be Bill’s message, or the President’s message? Those messages are quite different, most critical among the differences economic and tax policy. Bill recently wrote a book on that subject; the President ignored the advice!

Did Bill really call the President an ‘amateur’ in front of someone he knew would report it? Did he urge Hillary to contest the Obama nomination in the same context? Which point of motivation will guide Bill as he steps up to the DNC podium. Where does Bill’s analysis rest? Whose party is this anyway?

Clintonistas still roaming the halls of power fear four more years of President Obama will be the death gurgle for their version of an essentially centrist Democratic Party. They fear massive popular blowback from four more years of hard core leftist control of the White House. They see a party reconstruction project for which they lack both time and energy.

Is the Clinton address at the DNC about the President or is it about Hillary? Bill wants Hillary to run in four years, which would be best for Hillary; to run on the Obama record to which she is connected, like it or not, or against a Romney record? Bill would likely decide its best to run against Romney because a turn in the economy will take time; maybe too much time to solidify a Romney Presidency.

On the amateur question; the President insists the economy is doing better, that we’re on the right track; facts aside. ObamaCare is still being rejected. Tax the rich is not resonating. New ads revisit the ‘war on women’ theme which did not work a couple of months ago but, here we go again. Advice and analysis from senior Clintonistas such as Carvill and Greenberg falls on deaf ears resulting in persona non grata status for those guys and their minions.

Where will Bill go? Who approves what he has to say? Will the approved speech be the one delivered? Bill’s done a little backtracking over the past few months, telling us what he meant, after telling us what he thought. Hmmmmmmm? Bill’s been slapped down by Obama’s machine over the past few years: the race card in South Carolina, the primary health care debate and clarifications approximately equal to statements made. One of Bill’s signature accomplishments, Welfare Reform, is being deconstructed.
Bill has clearly chaffed under the pressure to comply with White House talking points. Is payback in the offing? Smacking down Diane Feinstein and Corey Booker is one thing, smacking down Bill is quite another. He never forgets!

If you need an elegantly delivered left handed compliment, who would you pick to deliver it? If you want serious code messages delivered to the inside, who would you call?

I’d call Bill!