Illogic Prevails

The unfortunately illogic response to the violence in Colorado or any incident where guns are used in the commission of a crime is to look to control the guns. One could easily conjure up a situation where someone in that theater was in possession of a gun and capable of putting an end to the horrific murder of innocents. Case in point is Jeanne Assam who in 2007 saved a church full of people in Colorado from a heavily armed nut job intent on random violence. She stopped it because she was armed.

The illogic is perpetual. The logic surrounding the politicization of tragedy demands that it is the instrument and not the individual who is the key factor in a violent crime. That being the case you have to accept the following.

If you’re overweight, it’s the fault of the fork, knife and spoon. They should be banned.

If you stub your toe, it’s the fault of the furniture.
If you are incapable of playing the piano it must be the piano’s fault.
Hit your thumb with a hammer …., yes, it is the fault of the hammer.
Car accident? Yup, you guessed it; the fault lies with the existence of the car.

I recently enjoyed my first experience with a gun. A friend tutored me with exceptional care, serious attention to issues of safety. If there is a more safety conscious, careful, well disciplined group of folks on earth than shooters, I would like to meet them.

As is always the case with liberal illogic it’s never ever about what it’s about. It’s not about guns, it’s about the fact that you have them. It’s never about the responsibility of the individual it’s about a ‘state’ solution focused on the instrument. It’s about the very simple fact that a population in possession of guns is a lot harder to control and subjugate.