The Supremes have opened the door, not to Socialism. They’ve opened the door to Corporatist Fascism. There now appears to be no limit to the application of the Commerce Clause so long as there is an associated taxing authority, few limits on Congressional Authority under that opinion and no limit to the Federal Government’s ability to centrally control massive portions of the economy with tax related mandates.

It is, in a word, shocking. Yet, there may be a silver lining. Perhaps the SCOTUS decision is the precipitant that will move the American public away from voting patterns that support our slow creep toward Fascism. Perhaps this is the moment in time where the cry of “enough already” begins to echo from sea to shining sea?

Public support has waned consistently since passage of ObamaCare. The law may be Constitutional but the ruling is not going to make it popular and there is the possibility that public ire grows in light of the Court’s decision. There is the possibility that as Americans project the impact of this ruling to other parts of their lives and other potential aspects of the law, fear sets in. Fear of the Central Government is as American as Apple Pie; fear will grow.

The court has essentially rejected the 30,000 foot view that a constitutionally limited Federal Government is the essence of and a core purpose of our Constitution. This idea was clearly not the basis for the decision.

Perhaps comments such as those offered by Democratic National Committee, Executive Director Patrick Gaspard will reflect the DNC’s opinion of the opposition; Mr. Gaspard tweeted “its constitutional bitches”. “Bitches”, really? Speaker Boehner opined that a favorable ruling should not result in ‘spiking the ball’. Apparently the same common sense message was not passed about by Democrats.

ObamaCare is now front and center, again. This ‘victory’ in the Court may provide a significant source of motivation for that 6% – 8% of the voting public who will decide this election. The opportunity for Republicans to draw a bold line of difference is clearly on the table. Business people afraid of the impact of ObamaCare only have one way to go. Money will flow! Including mine!