Dead Bodies Required

There is significant evidence to suggest that Fast & Furious was a red herring intended to buttress additional controls on the sale of long guns by way of what is called a ‘demand letter’. The demand letter would institute additional reporting for legal gun dealers. E-mail between ATF officials in Washington and Phoenix, obtained by ABC News, demonstrate the intent.

Secretary Clinton has publically decried American guns in Mexico blaming the violence, in large part, on that fact. The simple reality is that this point of view has guided administration policy since the onset.

For American guns, funneled to the Cartels to be the focus of, and the evidence for, stricter gun control there is a requirement necessary to generate the appropriate degree of righteous indignation and political capital; dead bodies. Without dead bodies, of which we have at least 200 associated with Fast and Furious, the passion is absent. The ability to create new energy in the anti-gun lobby is absent.

If there is no tragedy, there is no issue. Although the tragedy that occurred may have been unanticipated the reliance on tragedy is a logical conclusion.

The most frightening part of Fast & Furious is that Obama Administration officials may have come to the same conclusive possibility that I’ve come to; dead bodies required. If the protected documents show incompetence generating embarrassment, that is one thing. If, however they show a callous disregard for human life that is an entirely different, explosive, story. That eventuality speaks to the character of the administration, not competence; character is the much more critical consideration. Character or the lack thereof determines the context within which any administration operates. How would the Hispanic community react to cold disregard for Mexican lives?

Is this the rational for the President suddenly putting the Dream Act into play by executive fiat? Does he know what might be coming? Is there a smoking gun that demonstrates disregard for life in the interest of questionable gun control?