The President’s Word

If credibility is an issue in the campaign, the President may have a problem or two.

The President warns Gov. Romney to not attack him on foreign policy; “we have one President at a time”. If memory serves then Senator Obama, continually attacked President Bush on foreign policy. Did not key ally Senator Harry Reid declare the war ‘lost’ even as it was being fought and our service men and women were dying?

Senator Obama accused President Bush of “hiding behind executive privilege”. Now, however the President has applied executive privilege to the Fast and Furious documents that supposedly he had never seen and knew nothing about.

The President was against Gay marriage before he was for it.

The President declared he could not simply ‘declare’ immigration reform, and then he did.

The national security leaks did not come from the White House; the President is offended at such a charge. But, but the author says the leaks did come from senior White House officials.

Libya is worthy of intervention to avoid the killing of innocents by its leader. Syria, worse by geometric factors, sees no intervention. Has Samantha Powers been relegated to the basement office by the water heater?

The Bush Administration knew all about Fast and Furious. Oops, ‘no’ says Mr. Holder now, they did not. What will they do absent the ability to blame Bush? Rhetorical question of course, they’ll blame Bush by way of surrogates.

The President was going to cut the deficit in half. The deficit according to Candidate Obama was ‘unpatriotic’. It’s more than doubled. Unemployment, same story, never above 8%.

The private sector is fine, oops no its not.

ObamaCare would reduce Health Care Costs. My companies costs have gone up 40% since the law passed.

Shovel ready! Oops not so much.

Be like Europe; really?

The President’s ‘reset’ with Russia was a reset alright. Russia reset to its cold war mentality in dealing with America; confrontation, intransigence, snubs, insults, support for surrogates opposed to America and lectures on foreign policy; maybe a re-reset?