UPDATE: Why The President Won’t Win!

The original post on May 30th resulted in a variety of comments related to my contention that powerful forces within the Democratic Party were working against the President. There was, as expected and welcomed, a divergence of opinion. My final word on the matter by way of posted comments was, ‘watch for it’.

Deval Patrick, Cory Booker, Sydney Blumenthal, Ed Rendell, Lanny Davis and the big dog, Bill Clinton have, since then, had something to say about the President’s policies and his people sending clear signals that they may be more interested in saving the party from the far left than reelecting President Obama. ‘New’ Democrats of the Clinton era, firmly ensconced within the political infrastructure see their coalition in jeopardy of being unraveled by the hard move to the left. .

Diane Feinstein and the ranking member of the House intelligence committee, both Democrats, have in cooperation with their Republican counterparts stood up publically to White House leaks related to national security. They know where the leaks came from, or it would have never gone public.

Fund raising has taken position one on the President’s agenda and still, the GOP was far ahead in May. The Wall Street trough seems to be drying up. The President’s reelection campaign is focused on raising funds $3.00 at a time as celebrity lotteries accelerate.

The Birther issue, avoided by this writer, is not dying. If anything the drip, drip, drip of information continues. Reports have Democrats in the House beginning to pressure removal of Eric Holder from DOJ in wake of Fast and Furious and a clearly politicized operation at DOJ.

The Unions are frustrated at the absence of even token Presidential support in Wisconsin. They could easily be thinking that the time to protect themselves is now at hand. The mass of recalls was clearly a strategic Armageddon by national union leadership that has to feel they’ve been left alone on the cliff. The centerpiece of their desires, Card Check, has not gotten as much as a nod recently. The NRLB is being beaten in court and public sentiment regarding public employee unions bears no good news for the only segment of the working population that has seen an increase in Unionization over the past 20 years. The foot soldiers of the Party must be wondering, what the hell is going on?

The President’s association with far left political parties, initially denied, has now been proven for the second time. Where did that documentation come from? Who had access to the documentation of a relatively minor political party?