Don’t Forget

Speaking in Seattle the President said he sometimes forgets the magnitude of the recession. That’s easily understood as any variety of government economic reporting tends to understate the nature and scope of the problems that beset us. Forgetting must be almost a necessity when your policies specifically eliminate potential for jobs or job growth. The Gulf spill and the Keystone pipeline being two clear cases. Add to those the war on coal, green failures; the seven circles of regulatory hell and, well, it is either easy or necessary to forget how bad it is.

I guess if you’re the President it’s much easier not to remember how bad it is. Every time you remember, you would also have to face your role in it assuming the absence of a messianic view of yourself and the world. We know, without doubt, that the President also tends to forget that he is the ultimate responsible party and that his policies have not broken through the walls to growth or ‘real’ reductions in unemployment.

The impact of the recession may be forgotten by our President from time to time, however, his ability to color failures with disingenuous rhetoric and the blame game are never forgotten. I wondered some time ago how long blaming Bush could go on; that was a year into the administration; it never occurred to me that it would be the case three and a half years into the administration. That approach to justification is never forgotten. Odd, the nature and scope of the problem can be forgotten but not the accusations that go along with it.

The fundamental nature of elitism is to be disassociated with the harsh realities of the great unwashed while simultaneously using them as the rational for your agenda. In this, the President is no different from all manner of elitists. The ‘little people’ are not to be seriously considered, they are to be used. Your concerns will not be addressed in any substantive fashion if they do not fit the strategic agenda but we’ll make you believe they are. The Gay Marriage issue is just such a case, agreement in principal to make you feel good but no concrete action to make it a reality.

The President may have a bit of a memory problem; hopefully we do not!