“War is Peace: Freedom is Slavery: Ignorance is Strength.”

Ah yes, international pressure on South Korea over the rocket launch! Quick, name a situation where international pressure actually resulted in a beneficial result, absent military action? Nothing comes immediately to mind, you say? Could be a reason for that!

Iran? Nope, the nuclear program continues. Iraq under Saddam, no joy there either. The Iraq, Iran War staggered along for eight years. Bosnia, Tibet, the Troubles? Afghanistan, in the wake of 9/11?

Darfur? Still a mess! Sudan? Same old same old! Syria? There are thousands of dead and more of the same to come. North Korea? No; nothing good to report from our living laboratory of Orwellian totalitarianism. Oil for Food; little else aside from rampant corruption, including the U.N Secretary General’s family.

What of slavery, genocide, human trafficking, pedophilia, gun running, kidnapping, piracy, and manufactured famine? All these stains on the human condition suffer the self righteous condemnation and ‘pressure’ from the international non-community…….. Nothing ever happens.

But, but, wait; we’ve got the IAEA overseeing nuclear non proliferation. The IAEA overwatch includes Pakistan, South Africa, India, Libya and Iran, all going nuclear or attempting to do so and succeeding to varying degrees. South Africa gives up but its difficult to determine whether the uproar over the nuclear program or the economic sanctions related to apartheid did the trick. Either way it took a very long time. Libya was frightened that the invasion in Iraq could be coming to the neighborhood; it had nothing to do with international ‘pressure’, it was pure self interest. The rest have or will have nuclear weapons.

Well, you say, we’ve got the United Nations; a bastion of peace and security! Thousands of resolutions passed in the comfy confines of New York City. Results? Nada! Where are most of those resolutions aimed? At Israel; a democratic state with a healthy economy and a minority Arab population enjoying rights of citizenship unavailable to them in their own Arab countries.

Back to George Orwell in 1984; “War is Peace: Freedom is Slavery: Ignorance is Strength.” It may as well be the official motto of our beloved International Community and its surrogates at the U.N.; at least the suggested motto would not be too far from the actual truth. Oops, the motto just went to the Ministry of Truth.