This Is What Killed Feminism

Hillary Rosen is a ‘power player’ in Democratic circles. Ms Rosen, a former partner of Anita Dunn’s is consultant (PR) to any variety of the Democratic power elites, including the DNC. Ms. Rosen has been a guest at the White House more times than most cabinet secretaries.

Ms. Rosen’s recent comments have attracted much commentary. Beyond the circumstantial specifics is an attitude; an attitude that still endeavors to define feminism narrowly. ‘Feminism’ is not simply the freedom to make choices as one sees fit without limitations. Feminism, in Ms. Rosen’s world, is a specific set of acceptable life styles. If you vary from acceptability your views are dismissed, your intellect is dismissed; an ability to absorb and understand issues is dismissed. That’s a lot of dismissal and that’s a lot of women hurled from the ranks of acceptability. One hopes that these rejected women are good and truly insulted at both the words and the attitude. This is the worse manner of intellectual elitism and it’s what killed any in common understanding or acceptance of what Feminism is, or should be.

Women who raise children, especially boys (special place in heaven for the mothers of boys) are critical to the social and cultural fabric. Women are a civilizing influence, any man worth his breath will, albeit reluctantly in some cases, admit as much. One need only look to societies where women are minimized, controlled and treated as chattel to draw the appropriate cultural comparatives.

Mrs. Romney is bright, attractive, well spoken with an undeniable air of class about her. Heck, even Liberals like Mika B. love her. Not good enough, according to Ms. Rosen. Stay at home Mom’s are incapable of speaking to, let alone understanding the nature of economics. Motherhood is not ‘work’? Ms. Rosen as the adoptive parent of twins should know better. Perhaps there a 24 hours nanny service in play at the Rosen household?

But I digress. Ms. Rosen is yet another classic example of Liberal thinking. Choice is only of value when you make the right choice, the elitist choice; the PC choice. Work is only work if there’s a paycheck involved. Good is only good when we say it is.

Ms. Rosen will have women everywhere giving a thought both the comments and the attitude. Whatever you do Ms. Rosen, don’t apologize. ‘Choose’ to hold your ground as it turns to political quicksand beneath your feet.