I Love New York!!

We have a controversy; New York and the MSA (Muslim Students Association) are at the center of it. New York law enforcement has been monitoring the MSA as well as Muslim contact points and Mosques. I LOVE NEW YORK!

There are factoids at play that are well remembered.

1) New York has, by most estimates, the single most effective counter terrorism organization outside of the Federal Government. That is the case simply due to a disregard for political correctness in the interest of safety and security.
2) The MSA was founded by and is a surrogate of the Muslim Brotherhood. They are clearly a radicalized organization.
3) Surveillance of Mosques is the single most effective way to produce leads regarding terror plots. Mosques are at the center of the movement to radicalize Muslims in the United States. Mosques are much more than locations within which to profess the faith. They are at the center of politics and law in the Muslim world.
4) ‘Major’ Islamic organizations such as CAIR have aggressively communicated to American Muslims that they are not to cooperate with law enforcement inclusive of our currently politicized FBI.
5) Islamic terrorists have perpetrated 18,453 attacks worldwide since 9/11. In the past week alone there have been 42 Jihad attacks resulting in 171 deaths and 155 critical injuries. Since 9/11 there is an average of five attacks per day. In January alone there were 194 attacks in 19 countries targeting 5 different religions killing 1,145 and critically injuring 1,639 people.

In this context, the predictable ‘rage’ over human rights violations will explode. It explodes over much less a story than this, it’s automatic. The typical over reaction when any Muslim is surveiled, interrogated or actually caught engaging in criminal activities is well documented and specific in its intent. Aberrant behavior is an excuse for organization such as CAIR to excuse this behavior and typically blame someone else for the crimes of Muslims in America. It is a constant appeal to political correctness in an attempt to intimidate the process by insisting that there is always either racism or Islamophobia at play.

The Islamists amongst us valiantly attempt to connect the Civil Rights movement with the ‘challenges’ they face. In this case they complain that they are “placed on the margins of society by stereotyping.” They are being marginalized by a society that many say must be subjugated to Islam. So the logic is we (Islamists) don’t believe in democracy or in an open American society but we expect to be tolerated by a society we will do our best to subjugate. They claim, possibly correctly, that the surveillance produced small numbers of potential extremists. Problem is, that it only takes small numbers of extremists to do massive amounts of damage as we evidenced on 9/11.

New York, however, has followed a trail of logic that makes sense. They have decided not to wait and react. They are proactively attempting to identify threats to safety and security. They refuse to abide by the dangers of political correctness. However, New York’s most significant crime, in the eyes of the MSA and others, is to actually understand Islam, specifically the fundamentalist, Salafist brand of Islam embraced by the MSA.