The American Downgrade

AP reports that the President is downgrading aspirations to and redefining the American Dream. The newly revised ‘American Dream’ includes a college education, retirement income, health care and housing. Four areas where government control is firmly established thanks, in large measure, to President Obama. There is also a reference to jobs.

No more ‘lofty vision’ according to AP. The abandonment of ‘lofty vision’ carefully crafted for a middle class, long under assault. The core aspects of the social justice movement on the left lines up precisely with the Presidents revised definition of the American Dream. Lower your expectations; live with less so that more can have a bigger piece of the pie thanks to you folks with jobs and to you folks who know how to make money. Simple really!

Does the abandonment of Hope and Change provide the basis on which to opine that it was a failure? If its author is backing off, was that entire show in 2008 a scam? Or, for the cynical amongst us, a sophisticated set up for the great push to the left?

By accepting the President’s premise do we also accept the draconian means necessary to enforce his vision? So far, the answer is yes. We are, in fact firmly on that path; Obama Care boosts us to Warp Speed! Nearly every loan for a college education is controlled by the government; Fannie and Freddie control the mortgage market. Social Security, a government entitlement, is currently being gutted by a $40 a month tax cut extension resulting, eventually, in a crisis, resulting, eventually in the demand that we pay to fix it. We must ‘live with less’ to fix it. Does anyone sense a pattern here?

This is not a new vision; this is the red line of the new reality!