Canary In The Coalmine

The administration’s argument with the Catholic Church, as does every argument, occurs in context. In this case the context is both consistency and conscience.

Harvard University made a series of accommodations for Muslim students consistent with their beliefs. Harvard provided special hours for the swimming pool in recognition of female student’s sense of modesty, foot baths at the entry to buildings and special considerations for Friday Prayers. Similar requests from Jewish students regarding their Sabbath were denied; there was no outcry on behalf of Jewish students.

The Ground Zero Mosque was supported by the administration, in the interest of religious freedom. Support occurred despite the uproar from both those who suffered the direct impact of 9/11 as well as the public in general. Imam Rauf, the face of the mosque, was a representative of the State Department oversees, his anti-Semitic statements not withstanding. Sensitivity to religious freedom applied generously.

Starting in the Bush administration and continuing under President Obama, a series of demonstrably radical Muslim clerics were engaged to ‘educate’ police forces, politicians and security organizations throughout the country including the FBI, DHS and the CIA in the interest of religious ‘sensitivity’. The locus of the education was CAIR, again a demonstrably radical organization; a party to the Holy Land Foundation trial in Dallas which exposed the vast network of funding sources for Islamic terror organizations oversees.

The growth of radical Islam in prisons demonstrates a direct line to the appointment of Muslim chaplains selected by Muslim clerics absent oversight. Armed Muslim enclaves throughout the country are essentially ‘protected’ in the interest of religious freedom. These enclaves are supported by a radical Muslim organization in Pakistan. Red House Virginia is a home to one of dozens of these enclaves.

Islamic centers throughout the country continue to provide textbooks for their educational programs that teach a fundamentally radical, Wahaabist, interpretation of Islam, while the Department of Homeland Security focus on Christian radicals and downgrades the Islamist threat.

There is no outcry from the White House as Coptic Christians in Egypt are subjected to pogroms; no support for a Christian minister in Iran, subjected to a death sentence for refusal to denounce his Christianity.

As the President delivered his address in Cairo there was no mention of arrests in Saudi Arabia for the mere possession of a Bible, or a death sentence if you renounce Islam in favor of another faith. We take great pains to protect the rights of those who deny those rights to others.

Catholic conscience is disregarded. You don’t have to be a Catholic to see that the Catholic faith and the associated sense of conscience is the Canary in the religious Coalmine.