Reelect The President, IF…

My liberal friends don’t see a viable alternative to the President. They could be right.


…That little voice in the back of your head is telling you the economy is heading off a cliff and you come to the conclusion that the leap into financial oblivion would be better had, sooner as opposed to later; vote for the President, there is no viable alternative.

… You can’t or won’t make sense of simple math; 1,600,000 new unemployment claims every month against an average of 80,000 new jobs that results in a, wait for it…………..decline in the unemployment rate! When what you see doesn’t add match up to what you’re told, The President is your guy.

…Three consecutive Presidential budgets, all predicting a debt to GDP ratio equivalent to or worse than Greece is, in your mind, a good economic plan, by all means vote for the President as the only viable alternative.

…You’re okay with the idea that China will stand as a singular superpower before your children see their children graduate from high school, the President is your guy! You may want to recommend they study Mandarin.

…The fact that radical leftists, Marxists, Socialists and Communists now form the activist base of your party and call the shots is of no concern to you, vote for the President, he is, factually and demonstrably, one of them.

…An administration chock full of those selfsame leftists, Marxists, Socialists and Communists sounds good to you by all means let’s keep the President in office. It’s not the party you grew up with, what the hell, it still has the same name; right?

…You believe that the Koch brothers are evil incarnate but George Soros is, despite the evidence to the contrary, a great man, hang on to the President, he dances to Mr. Soros’s tune. If anyone on the planet knows how to crash a countries economy it’s old George, he’s done it twice. If you like the idea of us being the ‘third time’s the charm’ hang in there with the President.

…You became a Democrat in the era of John Kennedy and you think it’s a Kennedy party despite the fact that by today’s definition Kennedy would be considered a Conservative. Reelect the President.

…An American President who views the Constitution as an impediment to his agenda and that the balance of powers is an antiquated idea and says so publically; you know who your guy is.

…You view Capitalism as evil, despite the unassailable evidence that Capitalism created the most powerful, successful economic system in history, You’re on the same page with the President.

…You realize that the page the President’s is on is also the page expressing sympathy for the Occupy movement, you know what to do.

…You are more likely to base you vote on rhetoric as opposed to facts, you are correct, the President is the only viable alternative.

…You believe dependency on a central government is where America should be; if you ignore Jefferson’s admonition that a government strong enough to give you everything is also capable of taking it away; let’s have more Hope and Change.

…You think that decisions in Washington are inherently more effective and wise than decisions made in your state and your community, The President agrees with you. If you believe that the further away accountability is the better, reelect the President.

…You want the number of Americans who depend on Government largess to reach the point of no return; north of 50%, vote to re-elect the President. Alexis De Tocqueville long ago warned what would happen when Americans not only discovered but embraced the idea that they could vote themselves money and benefits the end of American democracy would soon follow. He was right! The President will take you there.

…It’s fine with you that government spending cuts should impact everyone except you, and your okay with everyone else feeling the same way, rock on Mr. President.

… You don’t think America should confront evil in the world, the President is with you. If you think an American President bowing to foreign leaders is no big deal, if you think that engaging instead of confronting the likes of Iran, Syria and their terrorist surrogates is good policy, or that financial support for Hamas is a good idea your vote is where it should be; with the only viable alternative.

… It’s okay to support the Ground Zero Mosque in the interest of religious freedom but Catholicism must be forced to abandon their religious beliefs, the President is, good and truly, the only guy you should consider.

… If disagreement with the President justifies continual charges of racism, if identity politics if good for America, if dividing America by race, class and economic circumstances is all to the good. The President should move right to sainthood.

… If you don’t mind being told what to do; what car you should drive, what food you should eat and what medical treatment you’re entitled to, reelect the President so that ObamaCare can reach its full flowering.

If you can answer yes to the above, well, he’s the only viable alternative.