The Point Of No Return?

To immerse oneself in leftist ideology is to be struck by some overriding considerations. The ideology is exceptionally arrogant; it must deconstruct critical social and political norms to succeed. That deconstruction is invariably a function of changing accepted definitions. Leftists, where successful invariably evolve their power into totalitarian political systems. The history is clear.

Faith in the ‘state’ must replace all other manner of faith; it is crucial to the leftist’s view of the world and underlies the belief systems that guide their politics. None of this is news or represents great insight to those who have engaged the thinking behind the ideologies on the left.

However, in the politics of situations experienced in real time it is easy to be drawn to the details and abandon the overview that creates the context within which these events must be viewed. It’s easy to forget that it is almost never about what it appears to be about!

The ‘battle’ with the Catholic Church is a clear case in point. The examples of how the administration could have avoided this battle are present in two dozen states. Yet, the battle was engaged head on. The ‘state’, in this case the Obama Administration, challenged the value of faith in a belief system not of or by the ‘state’. This is what the left must do, ideology demands it. The creep, creep, creep toward a state of affairs where the’ state’ replaces traditional definitions of faith and individual liberty has been evident for decades, as it is now. The leftist demands erosion of: traditions, social contracts, economics, law and, again, most critically, the definitions by which we view the world.

Gay marriage is a case in point. Assuming we can all agree that there should be no limitations on the rights of gay people or couples by way of civil unions we must also assume that the left will remain unsatisfied with equal rights for Gay people. The lack of satisfaction has nothing to do with Gay rights, it demands that an institution that has stood as social bedrock for millennia must be ‘redefined’. It must be redefined in a way that erodes traditional social constructs. Gay rights is not about Gay rights it’s about societal deconstruction.

The ongoing definitions and expansion of what ‘rights’ we are entitled to is not about rights. It’s about broadening the scope of ‘rights’ to the point where none are truly meaningful. “It Takes A Village” is not about the Village it is about replacing the judgment of parents with the judgments of a collective or, if you will, the ‘state’. Obama Care resides on that exact same point of view; the ‘state’s’ judgment must prevail; always in the context of common good.

Each step, each nudge, each creep, each time we replace the judgment of the ‘state’ for our own we take one more step to a point of no return. The point of no return is never recognized until it has been passed.