Walking The Talking

Mr. Tebow and I don’t have much in common. I don’t share his commitment to his faith, I’m not a football player; I’m not even vaguely in shape. Wait, on second thought, Mr. Tebow and I do share limited skills that we’re trying to make the best of.

Nevertheless, it’s hard to find a genuine, significant negative surrounding Mr. Tebow. He’s been highly consistent over an extended period of time and, he walks his talk. Other than obvious references to the almighty, Tebow doesn’t hit you on the forehead with his faith. His faith is present but no more or less than others; the Reverend, Defensive End, Reggie White comes to mind, also a man who appeared to walk his talk. I would venture, absent evidence, that sincere faith is more as opposed to less present, in the NFL.

Complaints are heard about commercializing faith in the context of Mr. Tebow. The media outlets, at the center of that commercialization, are also involved in self flagellation over the actuality of it, despite their role in it. Weighty consideration in the media over how to cover ‘it’; the ‘it’ they don’t want commercialized!?! They learned this particular mating dance from ‘journalists’ who also flog themselves on occasion and then reprise their failings.

Tebow? He just says it an opportunity to talk about what’s important to him, the implication being if ‘it’ goes away so will he to a degree. You’re confident he’ll do the same things; he did them before we knew about them and I believe he’ll do them after we stop paying attention. He’s bringing a sick young woman to a game to “lift her spirits for a bit and maybe lead to a little hope”. That’s not grandiose or commercial; it’s what Christians are supposed to do, each in their own way. ‘Just a little something, and, who knows’? He even admits, “as hard as it is for me to say” that in the final analysis people and faith are more important than winning football games.

Walking his talking!

So quick, how many figures can you name where you’re nearly 100% sure, regardless of your orientation that you’re getting an honest answer? Yea, me neither. I’m not a Tebow ‘fan’, but you can’t escape him for the moment. As role models go, we could do a lot worse; wait, wait a majority of the time we are doing a lot worse! Take a knee.