Messages From Jeb And Sarah

Sarah Palin sent a message to the Republican field; ‘on second thought, maybe it’s not too late to jump in’. Sarah! No please, I’m begging you, stay out! You have an important role to play in balancing outcomes and …………………… you’re unelectable!

Jeb Bush also criticized the Republican field with the expected class; it may be the same message as Sarah is delivering, or not. Jeb Bush crafted a conservative message on the economy (Wall Street Journal, December 19, 2011) that’s not going to frighten the middle of the electorate. This is the message the middle feels in their gut. So far, this is the best voice it’s had. This is either a preliminary declaration borne out of frustration, or it’s a signal pointing to the winning message on the economy.

999, 20% flat tax, a 59 point plan. (Printed two days after issuance, remains unread.)

Gov. Bush gives voice to a classic Conservative position; ‘the government’s role in the economy is to set conditions that promote prosperity, make room for and motivate individual initiative’. Mr. Bush’s argument is elegant, passionate and comprehensible. Gov. Bush sees the logical disconnects and hypocrisy inherent in ever greater government control of the economy. He identifies non threatening, common sense measures. You can imagine them working!

In short, he makes the economic case! He makes the case without once, not once, mentioning taxes!!! Memo to Candidates; ‘pay attention’! The more Republicans talk about taxes the worse it gets; it fits the political stereotype that Democrats insist on. Why support their contention?

‘Tax policy as a defining issue is, by its absence, minimized by Gov. Bush taking a back seat to growth and opportunity in the Governor’s vision. Gov. Bush eschews the trend of regulation and the thinking that underlies it. He envisions the “creative chaos unleashed by millions of people pursuing their own best economic interests”.


Sarah offered herself as yet another in a series of nebulous threats to the process!!!