No To Leadership; Yes To Code

Health care passed with no clear public mandate. Financial reform has provided new meaning to unintended consequences; if they really were unintended. Corporate profits and banking resources stay on the sidelines. Employment is horrific, poverty on the rise. The potential for yet more bailouts loom on the horizon. Toady, at about 2PM we will reach $15 Trillion in ‘on the books’ debt with the total debt in excess of $120 Trillion.

Pass this bill! More taxes! No budget passed through the Senate in two years. The debt reduction committee deadlocked, the true realities of our financial condition ignored outside of a few with the courage to point out the deep hole we’re in; much deeper than $15 Trillion. We keep digging, racking up $1.5 Trillion in deficit spending each year.

The Middle East will soon be awash in Islamist, Sharia based governance and the antipathy toward the U.S. will escalate. Syria is raining murderous retribution on its citizens. South America is making their periodic turn to Socialism and protectionism. Turkey is moving away from their tradition of secular democratic institutions and the west. Europe is in crisis, the Euro in major jeopardy. Russia and China are intent on creating an environment of manufactured complications for U.S. foreign policy most especially in regards to Iran and energy. The Monroe Doctrine has been scrapped. Scandals in green energy and the Department of Justice, insider trading exposed in Congress.

A time for Churchillian leadership? A time for our leader to tell us that we will win the battles we face; that we will embark on a new direction, that it will be hard, very hard, sacrifice will be required of all but that our resourcefulness, creativity and moral fortitude will see us through?

Not a chance! The President’s incomprehensible response is to accuse us of laziness as he stands on foreign soil. A President that has proactively promoted the proposition that more and more Americans should be enjoying government largess and that fewer and fewer should be paying for it has accused us of laziness in addition to the prior accusations of lack of imagination and losing our edge.

Of, course we’re losing our edge! We lose our edge when we look outside of ourselves for answers. We lose our edge when we accept the idea that it’s someone else’s job to take care of us. We lose our edge when it is impossible to determine if taking risks will fall victim to unknowns in Washington. We lose our edge when leadership tells us it’s all the fault of someone else: corporations, the rich, the banks, drug companies, health care providers, the list is three years long, pick your favorite. We lose our edge when fringe environmental groups can kill a $7 billion investment that could create 20,000 jobs when jobs are crucial. We lose our edge when OWS gets Presidential attention absent recognition of the violence and criminality. We lose our edge when the Presidential response to our unsolved problems is more of the same solutions that failed to solve them to begin with.

This is not leadership; this is code for the left. This is code that tells the left their fundamental, underlying presumption that America is fundamentally flawed to the point of evil can be ‘corrected’ by reintroducing a laundry list of failed leftist policy. The code is that those policies are near and dear to the President’s heart. The unremitting drive to move America to the left remains; it remains in opposition to facts, history and logic. The President’s code tells the left that they are intimately embraced by our President. Its code that says “I’m doing the best I can with the terrible limitations I face”; the key limitation being, The Constitution and limitations on executive power. The Presidents answer is to erase those limitations with bureaucratic action and executive orders. This attitude finds its roots in the Woodrow Wilson administration and it lives today in the heart of Barack Obama.

A President, proud of America, does not criticize his people on foreign soil; period the end, no extensive analysis required. It’s not the first time, recalling a campaign speech in Berlin and a Cairo address! If ever a President should be proud of America, it’s Barack Obama. America has bestowed upon him a unique place in history. His response, his instinct, his predilection is to stand on Australian soil, accusing the most productive, innovative, generous nation in history of laziness!!!!!