Thank You Herman

Herman Cain has found his way to the bright light of contender status. His appeal as a ‘non politician’ is being weighted against his inexperience as a politician. Do not those two things, by definition, go together? Mr. Cain has clearly rattled both the left and right; the left going as far as labeling him a racist. Of course, anyone not fitting the left’s version of acceptability is a racist; eventually. Heck, they even played the race card on Bill Clinton. The right is no better attempting to turn 999 into the devilish 666. You can nearly smell the fear.

The 999 plan has holes in it. Every tax plan on the planet has holes in it. However many holes 999 may have its not even close to the tax system we suffer under now. Commentators, however, fail to make that small bit of comparison; the point should be, would 999 or 909 be better; holes and all?

Commentators have also missed or slid by fundamental points of analysis. In the first case the appeal of 999 is its simplicity as an idea. People did not rally to plan details, they rallied to the idea that tax simplification was, finally, present in the public debate. The idea that 999 throws out the burdensome morass of special interest considerations is intoxicating to average tax payers. Herman may be the messenger, he may be flawed but there is no denying the attraction of the message. The second point of context missing in our ‘expert’ commentary is how we, collectively, feel about government effectiveness. 85% of those polled say the government is not going to “do the right thing most of the time!” 85% cuts across all ideological points of view and all income levels. It helps explain the rise of Mr. Cain and his ideas.

999 or some evolution of 999 limits the influence of money in the political system aimed at impacting tax policy. The liberal left, consumed with ‘fairness’ has had little to say about tax policy apparently content with current complications. The political establishment can and will continue to design criticisms of 999 mirroring the sound of a hammer on an empty drum. To the establishment, the loss of power that the plan would generate is as frightening as the idea they might lose the next election. Where is that power redistributed to? To you! It’s the zero sum game we need.

999 and Herman Cain represent a unique manner of optimism; optimism is based on the fact that new ideas can still be powerful; that simple can be better. It represents optimism that there is a way to eliminate the rampant corruption in the current tax system.

Thank you Herman! No matter what happens from here.