No Surprise

The first point of personal awareness related to Mexican drug cartels making common cause with Jihadists occurred in 2006. Reporting then clearly identified an evolving relationship involving the movement of OTM’s (other than Mexicans) across the U.S. Southern border.

Reporting also clearly identified an active and growing Jihadist enclave in the Tri-Border region in South America essentially ignored by two of the three countries sharing the border. The Library of Congress issued a report based on open sources in 2003, revised in 2010 dealing with the Tri-Border area. ( The report clearly identifies the connections between narco gangs and terrorist organizations including Hiz’bAllah, Hamas, Al-Jihad, Al-Gama a al Islamiyya, al Qaeda and a number of other terror organizations. The report also points to information on this area going back to 1996 and the plot to blow up the U.S. Embassy in Asuncion. The Tri-Border area is also a significant profit center and estimates range from $300 to $500 million dollars a year flowing out of that area to Islamic terror groups in the Middle East.

CNN reported that the Tri-Border area was the location of a terrorist summit in 2002 with the intent to plan attacks against U.S. and Israeli diplomatic facilities.

The simple point being, now that we’ve exposed a plot that potentially connects Iran to Mexican drug cartels, no one who has been paying attention should be surprised. Hiz’bAllah and Hamas are Iranian creations, Hugo Chavez, the Castro brothers and Manual Noriega remains open in their support for and relationships with Iran including military relationships.

The questions are not new in some quarters and they deserve to be revisited. How many Jihadists have crossed the border since 2006, or 2002 or 1999? How many terror cells are here already? How many Mosques collude in the process?

What we do know is that the ‘Soft Jihad” efforts in America are substantial and fundamentally appeased by the Federal government. We know that known Jihadists are utilized to ‘sensitize’ Federal agencies including the FBI to Islamic ‘issues’. We know that many in congress have major ties to the Soft Jihad movement and we know the President does as well. We know that Mosques are at the center of Jihad in America. We know that the slightest negative comment regarding Islam is met with an avalanche of politically correct indignation.
While it is impossible to say how significant the ‘hard’ Jihadist infrastructure in America is, based on open source materials, common sense dictates there is a potentially large problem given the time span of OTM migration at the southern border.

The cost of failing to recognize and attack the problem will be paid in lives. It is, unfortunately, only a matter of time before that payment comes due, guaranteed by our inability to view the reality of our own security needs and to overcome our mindless commitment to vain political correctness.

When the Piper demands it’s payment, it should come as no surprise.