Occupy Nation

The protestors need a new name, something short and spiffy; Occupy Wall Street won’t work in the other cities under attack. Perhaps ‘Occupy Nation” would work?

What is this, you ask; a Conservative trying to help out the ‘occupiers”? You bet! The best of all options with these folks is to simply stand aside and let the ‘occupiers’ speak for themselves. They may eventually say something comprehensible, unlikely but possible. The universe of Leftist discontent, real and imagined, has gathered: banks, corporations, the rich, farmers, capitalists, capitalism, equal justice, racial justice, environmental justice. Save yourself some time, just pick a ‘justice’ or an alleged target of discontent and you’ll find a devotee of narrow ideology on the streets of New York or wherever next the carnival stop may be. It’s likely that the ‘discontent’ has something to do with the last course they took or the last book they read.

To make a point about the Left, it is best left to the Left. Ask a few leading questions, queue them up, stand back and let them go. If you detect the hint of philosophical discontinuity, that would be due to the fact that it’s absent. What we do have is a cafeteria menu of issues: injustice issues, fairness issues.

It is difficult to ignore the fact that there was no violence until the Unions and the ‘organizers’ showed up. You may have noticed, signs in English could not actually be read by those carrying them, oops. Perhaps ‘Occupy Nation’ thinks it a good idea to adopt the appearance of a Greek protest; selfishly fiddling while Athens burns. It is predictable that the ‘occupiers’ will, turn on the organizers and the unions at some point, realizing they have been, in their ignorance, co-opted. “Hey man, it’s all about purity.”

This is reminiscent of the 60’s. I attended protests in Boston back in the day. I had, in hindsight, not a clue. But, heck, everyone else was going and that’s where the girls were. Had I been interviewed on TV at the time, I would have eliminated any vague perception that I may actually have known what the hell I was talking about, or why I was there (except or the girls); just like today! It’s Déjà Vu all over again there Yogi.

Memo to ‘Occupy Nation’, we grew out of the 60’s, well, most of us did; you will grow out of this as well. Many of us 60’s refugees carry regrets about our behaviors back in the day; so will you. So when you scream “kill the cops” in New Orleans we’ve got a pretty good idea where this is all going and who has infiltrated your ‘movement’; been there, done that, have the tee shirt! You will discover that two courses each in political science, women’s studies and sociology is really not preparation enough to generate the insight that you are convinced eludes the rest of us!

You will, eventually, discover that the Professors, Union Gurus and ‘organizers, failed to expose you to the entire range of ideas present out here in the real world. You’ll discover that volume and passion are no substitute for logic and knowledge. Dude, they call it an Ivory Tower for a reason!

Enjoy it while you can; reality will, eventually, find you!