Depressed? I Would Think So!

Unattributed reports, to be taken with a grain of salt, have the President in a depressed state. Hell, if he weren’t a bit depressed I’d worry about him. Things have not gone well; the President must be wondering what the hell to do next within the construct of ideology and his belief system. The answer may very well be that there is nothing left to do that is generally acceptable to the public. In the two week period covered by the speech to the Joint Session of Congress and the initial flogging of the Job’s Bill the President saw his approval ratings improve one percentage point from -22 to -21 in the strongly approve/disapprove metric. (Rasmussen)

The normally friendly Associated Press dumped all over the ‘factual basis’ for the President’s job’s plan. Leader Reid is in no hurry to consider, let alone ‘pass the bill’; bike paths got top billing on the heels of the President’s speech. The Congressional Black Caucus is unhappy; women, Hispanics, the young and independents all show negative trend lines related to job approval. Real Clear Politics, looking at registered and likely voters shows a 10% spread between approval and disapproval. The last time the President’s approval ratings were even was mid July. Even is not good news for an incumbent President and it’s only gotten worse.

Formerly supportive Media; in a vain attempt to reposition and reclaim credibility, appear to be slowly adopting the role of rats on a sinking ship. The President has transitioned from the savior and public persona of the Progressive dream to the guy that may send it into the political wilderness. Progressive spokespersons are having a hard time finding justifications and arguments on the Presidents behalf when challenged with the facts of our situation. (MSNBC and Al Gore TV viewers excluded.)

36 Senators got together, both parties. They want the Super Committed to GO BIG and attempted to provide a modicum of political support for them to do so. This was a clear rejection of the President’s leadership surrounded by the Kevlar of bipartisanship.

The small of scandal is in the air: Justice Department hiring and treatment of DEA whistle blowers, Gun Runner, Fast and Furious, Green dollars flushed down the low flow toilet, interfering with Congressional testimony on behalf of a donor. Heck, we haven’t even gotten to what Hillary has on him. Various and sundry Democrats are leaving little droppings here and there; reporting has Democratic campaign strategists peddling “separate from the President”; advice to whoever will listen. Some, to appearances, are listening.

The background noise for Hillary never actually went away. Your humble servant, in October of 2009, (a groundswell of demand for a reprint of ‘Hillary’s Calculation’ will be considered) predicted the occurrence and basis for a Hillary challenge. Articles early this year contended that Hillary’s political and campaign infrastructure is still in place, dormant. Hunkered down in the bowels of the Democratic Party underground, doing just enough not to be noticed; crouched in the existential bushes, ready to pounce……….Arrrhhhh!

Making it all just a bit worse, Bill Clinton will publish a book on the economy. Just what the White House needs, another bon mot from Bill; “Just reminding ya’all how wonderful things were when Hill and I were running the show.” “Play the race card on me, will you?”

It’s a good thing the President got the dog from Senator Kennedy; he clearly needs a friend not named Valerie.