Romney, The Tea Party And My Flip Flop!

Not a lot of candidate discussion here so far; still early. Not in love with Mitt Romney but his strategy may be exceptionally smart. Also in question here is can Constitutional Conservatives look far enough down the road?

Romney has taken his bullets, mainly Health Care and flop flops. Regarding Health Care the expected apology was not forthcoming. He makes a defensible point, States versus Federal authority. One may guess based on lukewarm responses from time to time he’s ‘saving’ something. On occasion Romney runs out a new factoid. Were he able to argue that his objections to the Massachusetts’ legislation, passed anyway by the perpetual Democratic legislature in Boston, the argument is that without Democratic demands the bill would have worked. He’s alluded to it; if he could run out the Republican vs. Democratic numbers on Massachusetts’s health care that might blunt the bullet further. He might also point out that the revisions currently considered in Massachusetts are consistent with his objections. Don’t know the bill but it seems like a foreshadowed argument; it will appeal to the ‘middle’.

Flip flops? Everyone has them, for Conservative voters the question is which side of the fence did the flip flop fall on? If the candidate came your way, congratulations; that’s what you try to achieve with your arguments. It’s sort of like a reverse Parliament. Can you then reject it if it comes your way? Mitt moved a while ago. Skepticism should always be in play but so should reality. What sticks with the Middle is a sense that the candidate will not go ‘to far’ one way or another, based on being once conflicted. The President is clearly not conflicted based on the consistency of his policy proposals.

If Romney makes it to the General Election he is positioned as not having to make a dramatic move to the center. He’s already there, President Obama is not. Mitt has one toe consistently dipped in the political center; enough to be elected?

A coalition is struggling to find its way; Republicans, Conservatives and the discontented “Middle”. Mitt’s toe in the middle may not be a bad thing; if………….election of the non-Obama is the goal. We all know the numbers; you need the middle to elect a Republican, it’s that ‘reality thing’! Republican candidates help Romney with the center by making the argument for the general electorate; “Romney’s not conservative enough.” (Joe, I can hear you now; you’re not wrong.) Republicans may nominate him, warily. Wariness on the political right is music to the ears of the ‘moderate middle”. Criticism by Democrats is one thing; criticism within the Party process bears much more validity for the eventual candidate.

As a business man, Romney took companies apart, put them back together again. There were job losses. Isn’t that what has to happen with the scope of Federal government? I can hear Romney’s response now; “yes people did lose jobs and so will the Federal government if I’m elected President, you’re right Mr. President, time for shared sacrifice I’m going sacrifice the Federal bureaucracy in favor of the middle class and small business!”

Many argue, as did Rep. Bachman that this is the year to go for it, no compromise; Constitutional Conservatism! Okay, but it’s also the year of ‘competence’ and the opportunity for a second push back against Progressive policy. 49% (Rasmussen) say that neither party represents the American people. Those are dangerous waters if you’re thinking about getting to far away from the current political shoreline.

Mitt and the Tea Party are an issue. Love the Tea Party, but the Tea Party gig will always be most powerful in Congress. That power moves the President, it has to; we’ve already seen it.

And now, a flip flop from your humble correspondent. Coming into the 2010 elections I argued for a strong Conservative message, damn the torpedoes. “Lose on your principals if necessary”, said I. Same argument Ms. Bachman is making now. We’re two years down the road. I just want a winner. It is, admittedly, exhausting to be left with the feeling that you’re always voting against something or someone. It is what it is. We don’t make gigantic leaps in this country anymore. We need to be kicked in the ass more often than not to make us move at all.

Had enough of an ass kicking yet?

Momentum is powerful, especially bureaucratic momentum. You can’t fix the madness until you stop the madness! That task, in and of itself, will be no small undertaking. Momentum does not change until it reaches that moment when it’s stopped!