On David Brooks

David Brooks, the White House’s only Conservative fan, has jumped ship. Mr. Brooks referred to himself as a ‘sap’ ten times in his most recent column. He was sucked it. He has excuses. He’s done with the President. We are not, however, quite done with Mr. Brooks.

David, may I call you David? The patterns began early in the administration: mindless repetition, preaching, choices of far left activists as White House staff and advisors including international Socialists, Communists and leftists of all stripes, Was there a clue for you here? Straw men set up for as far as the eye could see; economic and foreign policy disasters; horrific forecasting and false premises for his economic program and you knew it!

David, I know, you were looking for better Angels, hoping for a transcendent moment; a vast leap forward in our political evolution. David, were you looking to resolve your own little struggle? Look at facts and you’re feeling Conservative, moved to emotion the facts fall aside to aspirations without a basis in reality, and you knew it! We all suffer those moments of conflicted instincts. It’s just a question of how quickly you regain your center, assuming you have one; which may be the problem. David, it took you three years! How smart can you be? I used to think you were. Sorry to be harsh, but really! Especially in the context of how long it’s been since we’ve heard anything new from the President. You’re a card carrying member of the intelligencia; right?

I used to like David Brooks, even saved the occasional piece he wrote, one of them being “A Moderate Manifesto” published March, 3 2009. In it I count 13 harsh criticisms of the President, the Progressive Congress, the President’s staff and liberalism in general. It did, however, take 30 months to achieve ‘Sap’ status from that point in time!

David, you have a way with words. Again, from March of 2009, regarding the Obama Budget; “a promiscuous unwillingness to set priorities and accept trade-offs. There is evidence of a party swept up in its own revolutionary fervor, caught up in the self flattering belief that history has called upon t to solve all problems at once”. You continue; “….yet, the Obama Budget is predicated on a class divide…..”. What’s changed, since then?

David, you exposed your problem way back then, “The only thing more scary than Obama’s experiment is the thought that it might fail and the political power will swing over to a ‘Republican Party that is currently unfit to wield it.”

How is it, all these misgivings and yet you hung in there? You put your finger on it in March of 2009; class warfare, inability to identify priorities, self aggrandizing political greed and over centralization of power. Does moderation mean ignoring your own perceptions? Trust me, that is best left to the Progressives. David, all you’ve proven is that self described moderation is, in your case, nothing more than not being able to decide, “Sap” indeed!

I also hoped for better angels, said so in an article on inauguration day. The most fervent hope was that the weight of the office would propel the President to center. I hoped that ideology would take second place to the awesome responsibility of the office. I knew, you now appear to know, that ideology frequently ignores facts. My hopes soon gave way to the reality of what the President was doing. But, David, don’t feel bad that other “really, really smart guy; Tom Freidman said this month that it’s “just too early” to tell if the media properly vetted Mr. Obama during the campaign. What? Waiting for the next campaign to decide?

Hurry up Tom so that you can also self describe. David picked ‘Sap’, you can do better.