; What Have I Gotta Do?


Help! I need to know how to get listed as an attacker on Attack I’ve engaged in a lot of criticism of the President’s policy! Taken him to task; engaged in sarcasm and mild ridicule. Am I there? No, damn it! What have I got to do?

Could it be I’ve been too respectful? I don’t call him names; I typically refer to him as the President. I always capitalize President. I took a pass on the birther thing; failed to comment on his wife’s appearance, or the vacations or the separate jets. I’ve let the ‘appearance’ of Michelle’s unhappiness go begging. Could it be that attempting to stay on the facts as the basis for commentary has left me out in the cold? Help!

Come on Mr. President, my readership has flattened out and I’m thinking is exactly the tonic I need to boost the numbers. A little stimulus package for the anonymous blogger, if you please! Just think what it would do for my reputation. Really, I don’t ask for much and I really don’t want to just, you know, make stuff up; there is no need for that, attacking you on the facts should be sufficient. No?

I mean, look at the current list of attackers; Rush, Mark Steyn, Beck, John Bolton, Republican Presidential candidates, Jerome Corsi,, Donald Trump and Sarah Palin. Come on guys, there are plenty more of us out here who qualify. Who’s running that web site anyway? What have I gotta do?

I’m looking for some “Commentary Justice” here. We’ve got a lot of justice on the menu: economic justice, 12 kinds of social justice, environmental justice. Hey,, how about a little table scrap of justice for me?