The Dog Ate My Notes!

I took notes during the President’s speech about his Jobs Bill, but my dog ate them. The dog is looking a little sickly this morning; wondering if it could have been the notes? I expect Rover to pass the bill anytime now.

I had lists, one column for new, one for old and one column for absent. The new stuff was a recognition that Medicare needs reform; a little at a time of course. The absent stuff was energy and actual execution related to the 5,000 unnecessary regulations the President says he has identified. Everything else was, well, the same: infrastructure, tax the rich, temporary money for teachers and first responders, insignificant tax cuts taking us, at some future point in time to, well, this point in time, just a half a trillion poorer.

Everything else was old. So far, including the Bush administration we’re into stimulus for a $1.5 trillion doing, as the President said, the math. Near as anyone can tell things have gotten worse. Johnny Carson’s Carnac the Magnificent would have held the envelope to his forehead and declared “the definition of insanity”. Upon opening the envelope he would read; what is more of the same economic thinking! Of course this is not about economics, it’s about politics or, if you will, political economics.

Political economics as motivation is unavoidable for one simple reason. The President had to know that a large percentage of what he proposed was DOA, already rejected. So why go there? Simple, the Straw Man must undergo yet another reincarnation. The problem with this reincarnation is that there is no evolution of spirit involved; just another Straw Man looking for a brain.