Thank You Mr. Williams, Thank You Mr. Harris

Republican and Conservative primary voters may be upset at Messrs. Williams and Harris as they attempted to trap Republican candidates with Democratic talking point criticism. They should be saying thank you! No one should have been surprised!

Why thank you? Because it provided Republicans with a preview, or a reminder of what’s in store from the MSM. The questions were not questions, they were acquisitions. Responses from Messrs Gingrich and Paul should provide a roadmap for remaining candidates as well as the eventual challenger to President Obama.

Newt had a moment when he refused to be drawn into a “pick Perry or Romney” Whack-a-Mole question on Health Care. He fired back at the motivation for the question and exposed Mr. Harris as little more than a hack for Democratic talking points and stereotyping. He hit the nail directly on its pointy little head refusing to participate in Republican on Republican bashing for the purpose of “protecting President Obama”. One could almost hear Mr. Harris thinking “oops he figured that one out; I should have asked Huntsman that one!”

Mr. Williams’ question that began with the mandatory narrative, this one about Lyndon Johnson being appalled by hungry children as a student teacher, allowed Ron Paul to put a fine point on one of the most basic points in support of Conservatism that goes all too often absent illustration. Mr. William’s question assumed, as most liberal thinking does, that opposition to a Federal program to feed those children means opposition to feeding children. Mr. Paul fired back saying that there are no restrictions on the community, the city, the county or the state making the decision to feed those children, only the federal government is prohibited by the constitution from doing so. He effectively rejected the baseline liberal idea that if you’re opposed to the federal government doing something you must be opposed to the thing itself. He trashed the inherent illogic in those assumptions.

Mr. Gingrich and Mr. Paul, likely also-rans, provided two key strategic messages that the eventual candidate forgets at his or her hazard.