Let Me Get This Straight

Minority Leader Pelosi, and I quote: “The Republicans refusal to respond to the President’s proposal on jobs is not only disrespectful to him, but to the American People.”

Dear Madam Leader, you assertion that the Republican’s refusal to criticize the President is disrespectful is a point of logic we can extend! If you are correct may we assume, following your trail of logic Madam Leader, that in the future all criticism will be considered respectful, mandatory even? May we further assume that you have provided your imprimatur for letting us off the racist, reactionary hook when we do engage in criticism? I’m just trying to follow Madam Leader’s logic.

Yea, I know, tough row to hoe.

The fact that there is a football game of enough import to get the President to promise he won’t step on it is simply a leadership position that the Republicans have taken to heart. Madam Leader, you should be congratulating Republicans for getting in line behind the President’s leadership on this all important issue.

There is, of course, the promised jobs speech by Speaker Boehner scheduled for next week. Might that, as well, have had something to do with the lack of a response this evening? The Speaker says that the President’s plan will “rise or fall on its own merits” and that Americans will provide a reaction. Madam Leader since you constantly deign to represent the views of the “American People” is that not a rational position?

Surprise! No logic here!