My Dream Cabinet

EPA: I nominate Elmer Fudd, how much worse could it be? By the time he gets a sentence out the term will be over and no damage done.

VP: Marco Rubio; ability to deliver a clear consistent Conservative message. A Rubio nomination will motivate Hispanics to sit back and give it a second thought. Rubio is young, smart, a great communicator and a historic choice in this role.

Secretary of State: John Bolton; about time that we had a Secretary of State that won’t tolerate the U.S. being kicked around like the neighborhood weakling or relying on appeasement as an ongoing strategy. Bolton is a ‘big brain’ and is in possession of exactly the right experience and skill sets to deliver the message that values, common sense and an ability to anticipate consequences have a place in foreign policy. Bolton knows where the bodies are buried at State and is capable of getting that mess under control.

Treasury: Paul Ryan; no one knows the budget better at this moment in time. He was the only one that had the cajones to be the ‘first’ to put out a budget plan. Ryan was the only Republican to have a comprehensive plan, on paper, in the public eye during the first two years of the Obama Administration.

Education: Jeb Bush; Knowledgeable, smooth and will apply moderate Conservative views to the operation of the Education Department, assuming it survives. Education is his avocation and it’s hard to imagine he won’t do a splendid job of it.

Homeland Security: Ray Kelly, currently NYC Police Commissioner. Mr. Kelly has put together a five star counter terrorism program in NYC and knows the issues better than most. He knows security in and out and has demonstrated superior leadership skills, accomplishments and the willingness do to the right thing as opposed to the PC thing. Cajones the same size as John Bolton’s, and after all, based on our current experience, shouldn’t we really opt for competence?

Justice: Bring back Michael Murkasy; high level of integrity, amazing experience and capable of applying common sense, consistent standards and a love of Constitutional values.

Defense: David Petraeus; who better? With experience in the military and intelligence worlds we might just accomplish some strategic cohesion. Petraeus is a creative thinker, builds superior teams and will come to the job with an abundance of respect from all quarters. .

CIA; bring back Michael Hayden, same rational as Michael Murkasy.

Energy; Christopher Horner; Horner will unravel the phantom Green mess we’ve gotten ourselves into. He would be the ultimate outsider and he’s probably not afraid of genocidal ‘Green’ Aliens!

Health and Human Services: Betsy McCaughey Ross; Medicare expert and perhaps the earliest and most comprehensive critic of Obama Care, down to the fine details. Former Lt. Governor of New York; knows the federal issues and is exactly the right person to unravel the Health Care Bill and design a plan to save Medicare and Medicaid.

Suggestions welcome.