No Drilling Just Digging

When, you may ask, was the last time the President was at a -26% strongly approve v. strongly disapprove? (Rasmussen) Never, if you don’t count Tuesday! Monday, the record was set at -24% only to be broken on Tuesday. Overall approval is at -12%. (Rasmussen polls likely versus registered voters or adults.) Compared to Inauguration Day the change in strong approval is -54%, with only 19% currently expressing strong approval. As noted in prior posts 19% does not even cover the committed Left; the reason for the gap, however, cannot be found on the left, strongly approve numbers have hovered in the low to mid 20’s in recent weeks.

The rest of the numbers are problematic for the President as well with key initiatives being either rejected or showing majority opposition. Regarding Health Care; 55% favor repeal. Border control over amnesty by two to one, 20% support actions in Libya, only 15% expect the situation in Afghanistan to improve in the short term with 59% saying they want the troops out. 65% rate the economy as “poor”, 55% say their homes are underwater and remain pessimistic over prospects in the coming year. 71% say there are too many people on Welfare who should not be. 79% of those responding to Gallup polling say the economic outlook is getting worse.

Hispanic approval is at 44%, independent voter approval continues its long slide. Most critically, only 14% say the U.S. is heading in the right direction. These are, collectively, strong points of opposition and represent a direct rejection of Presidential positions and attitudes on social justice, economics, energy policy, foreign policy, health care and by extension, leadership and philosophical grounding. The President continues to get positive ratings related to the War on Terror but that’s about it. Perhaps the most frightening number for the President is that in a head to head poll he’s even with………wait for it…..….Ron Paul!

The President’s in a hole but no one in the administration seems to be prepared to stop digging; Energy is one of many examples. Approval of nuclear power expansion is limited to additional reactors at existing plants; however, the approvals must come with licensing guarantees that are not being issued. Threshold approvals are stifled by second level regulatory road blocks. EPA still plans to shut down a considerable percentage of coal production and to do so within the next 18 months. Ezra Kline reports that up to 20% of coal fired plants could disappear off the grid to be replaced by; what? 10 deep water rigs have left the Gulf, with several more likely to leave; as predicted by critics or the Gulf moratorium. Where do the rigs go? They go to Brazil following the $10 billion loan to Petrobas by the Obama Administration. Brazilian oil, good; U.S. Oil bad!

The administration is battling Exxon over a 1 billion barrel discovery in the Gulf. Approvals for certified discoveries of natural gas in New Your, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Maryland have gone begging short of necessary approvals and licensing. These aren’t even the high profile finds that we all know about. The much beloved solar and wind industries are failing financially in the U.S. despite heavy government support; government support in Europe is being abandoned as non-economic and job killing.

In the interest of us all, please stop digging!