The Moderate Mr. Friedman

Tom Friedman wants a third party. He’s frustrated! Old tunnel vision Tom may not have noticed that we actually have a third party; the Tea Party. It’s not real because Tom has covered his eyes under the assumption that covering your eyes makes what you don’t like disappear, just like my infant daughters used to do.

Mr. Friedman wants to ‘blow up’ the system so that rationality will prevail. We are, of course, expected to pay homage to Mr. Friedman’s vision of rationality including his love affair with the Chinese; remembering that Mr. Friedman publicly fantasized about the U.S. “being China for just one day so we could get things done right”! Oh, by the way Mr. Friedman self describes himself as a moderate and in his next life wants to come back as a “member of the base; because that’s where the fun is”.

The moderate Mr. Friedman, three years into the Obama era, is still not sure if we were ‘swept away by Obama oration; still not sure if the media “blew it” in terms of vetting Mr. Obama, “it’s too early to tell” says he. The fact that Tom plays golf with the President and has been called to the White House to advise the President have no impact on his lack of clarity.

Returning to the Third Party issue; the Tea Party is the perfect third party. A set of reasonably cohesive philosophical positions that works within the two party system by moving the nature of representation that exists within that system. No, no it has to be ‘blown up’ says Tom. Tom is perpetually confused when we fail to bend a knee to his many and varied frustrations.

Tom, get over it!