Aliens On The Doorstep?

As if we don’t have enough problems; we now need fear Aliens. The basis for the fear is…………wait for it………. greenhouse emissions sic global warming. Wow! We’ve known for quite some time that the struggle for justifiable rationales in support of the required panic regarding global warming, oops, climate change was getting tougher and tougher for those feeding at the trough of ‘climate science’; but Aliens? Yea, Aliens, NASA affiliated scientists say so.

The ‘scientists” lay out a number of scenarios ranging from the benign to extermination of human kind including…………wait for it………….’Green’ Aliens. No, no not little green men, ‘Green’ in the environmental sense. The Alien ‘Greens’ may wipe us out to save the planet. It goes unanswered as to what the ‘Greens’ are saving the planet for, but hey we’re running out of stuff to scare you with here!

The idea that they might help us solve our global warning oops, climate change issues are considered but communication difficulties might prohibit that option. No matter they’ve traveled light years to find us; they won’t be able to figure out how to hit us upside the head with a two by four to get our attention and deliver their message.

The authors want us to stop beaming I Love Lucy to the universe and keep it limited to mathematics. Okay, that makes sense but if we’re afraid of global annihilation due to an excess of carbon in the atmosphere maybe we should put the cap on beaming the math as well. Oops, too late we’ve already done that.

The ‘Green Aliens’ might also eliminate us to save other civilizations. Those would be the civilizations we’ve spent decades searching for and have not found. We have SETI, Voyager, Hubble; sorry no joy, no discovery of Alien civilizations just some really good movies.

Why such a report? ‘To help us plot the future path of human civilization’. Now there is something sounding vaguely familiar. Help! Who will help us create the plan to avoid Alien annihilation? Who will need billions to do so? I will hazard a wild guess, the ‘scientists’ who authored the report?