Did Senator Kerry Just Join The Tea Party?

Ah yes, the stentorian tones of Secretary of State wannabe Senator John Kerry. The Senator makes dribble sound almost comprehensible. “Darling, it’s not how you feel, but how you look”. The Senator and I go way back; back to the days of Vietnam Veterans Against the War, his never proven war crimes acquisitions, and the Purple Heart he received for the splinter in his pinky; but I digress.

The mandatory blaming of President Bush had the Senator claiming the Bush’s deficits were three times larger than the Obama deficits. The CBO disagrees; the Bush years never approached an annual deficit level of even $500 billion with the largest of the Bush year deficits coming as the Democrats took control of Congress. Since then, the CBO says the average annual deficit has been more than triple the worst of the Bush year deficits. The Senator is long on tone modulation; short on facts.

But, could there be an epiphany in the offing? The Senator, after calling the S&P downgrade, ‘The Tea Party downgrade’ went on to agree with key Tea Party positions: economic growth, structural addressment of the debt regarding entitlements and cutting $4 trillion from the deficit; $4 trillion! John Kerry?

If further evidence of Tea Party impact is required refer to John Kerry. For, likely, the first time in his political life he sees the need for fiscal restraint. Hey, folks; if John Kerry gets it, it must be real!

But wait; take a look at the history of what the Senator has supported in terms of cuts. The Senator has at various time supported severe reductions in Armed Forces staffing, weapons systems, submarines, tactical fighter wings, the B2 bomber, high-tech munitions and of course missile defense.

The Senator believed, at various time, we did not need: the F16, M1 Abrams tank, Patriot Missiles, Apache Helicopters, tomahawk cruise missiles and the Aegis Air Defense Cruiser; all current staples of the various services and used to incredible effect in recent conflicts. One more thing, in 1993 he argued for the forced retirement of 60,000 service members. He told the Harvard Crimson in 1970; “I’m an Internationalist; I’d like to see our troops dispersed through the world only at the directive of the United Nations”. Just saying!

Of course John being John he pays homage to administration talking points, as in the proposed infrastructure bank. He compares U.S. infrastructure spending to China. China spends 9% of GDP on infrastructure, says he. That may be true but China essentially started from scratch 20 years ago when U.S. base infrastructure had been in major development for 60 years.

The Senator claims that revising the Patent Laws will create “millions of jobs”. Really, when; how long would that take and why has the President not proposed actual legislation to make it happen? Why is that legislation not pending in Congress? Republicans could agree to that. Oh yea, that whole leadership by speech approach we’ve watched for the past two and a half years. Senator one more thing; why have you not proposed legislation you claim will create millions of jobs?

Sound and fury signifying nothing!