Is This The Party To Whom I Am Speaking?

The President was persuasive Monday evening, but, there is nothing new here. He was persuasive if you’ve not followed the issues. The debt problem was defined by the President; Bush’s fault: two wars, the prescription drug benefit, under taxed private jets, and oh, yea, nearly forgot, rich folks and the Tea Party. (Rhetorical translation services available here at no extra charge.) The President suffered a memory lapse failing to mention: Libya, the Afghan surge, stimulus, Obamacare, financial regulation, expansion of social welfare programs, constant attacks on industry and business and cash for clunkers. In the President’s construct, none of that has a place in the “why we’re in debt equation” despite a 35% increase in debt since inauguration day in 2009.

I will heed the President’s call to action. I will call my members of Congress. I will call just like I did to oppose the aforementioned programs. Those calls, and the calls from millions of others had no impact on the thinking of the President or the President’s party. Health care, jammed through on Christmas Eve, no amount of economic logic could stop the stimulus in all its various forms; nor financial regulation that hamstrung capital dispersion. But, yes Mr. President I did and will call again.

I’ll call to remind my representatives that despite the President’s commitment “not hurt seniors”; $500 billion in Medicare cuts was signed into law by the President. “Students should not suffer” ignoring the fact that students coming out of school can’t find good jobs; that point of cause and effect absent from the President’s calculus Monday evening. I will remind my representatives that without a rational plan for economic growth unemployment will remain high and massive debt is a part of why that is the case. I will remind them that the President’s policies have constrained the application of $3 trillion in cash, still sitting on the sidelines.

I’ll call to tell the Speaker to stand firm. I will call to tell the White House that asking for more tax revenue is a non-starter. I will call to remind all that only 21% of the American public believes we’re on the right track. I’ll call to remind them that the dollar is falling and inflation is on the rise. I will call to tell my representatives that this is the worse economy since Jimmy Carter and the President does not have a plan. I’ll call to remind my representatives that the President can opine all he wants about the “Conservative minority” but that the 22% Progressive minority can no longer be allowed to call the shots.

I call to ask the President to stop the insulting remedial castigation. I’ll remind the President that he may be persuasive, but only to folks who don’t follow the issues. To the folks who do, his speech was nothing more than a desperate effort to gain approval for policies that are being soundly rejected.

I will call to ask the President to actually subscribe to the behaviors he is demanding of others. Monday night was nothing more than a restatement of perpetual talking points that demand the targets mandated by Alinski tactics. I will call to remind the President that speeches do not equate to leadership. I will remind the President that appearances seem to indicate that his own party thinks they will do better on this issue without him. I will call to tell the President that one more non specific ‘framework’ will be no more successful than the last one, or the one before that. He could have had a bipartisan deal on Sunday but he allowed the “Progressive minority” to call his shots.
Yes, Mr. President I will make the calls.