Searching for an appropriate euphemism, ah yes, here it is; fascinating! Fascinating that that Tea Party has become the repository for all things wrong with today’s Washington. The same President who felt the need to denigrate John McCain with the public reminder that elections have consequences apparently is incapable of understanding that point when the political tide moves in the opposite direction, as it did in 2010.

The President reminded us, as well, of electoral consequences, but failed to understand or accept it as consequences moved in the other direction. 2010 was about the President’s program, his political philosophy and lack of experience; exposed by policy, associations, blame and overheated rhetoric.

The Tea Party mandate was clear: smaller government, fiscal responsibility and a focus on Constitutional Conservatism. It was not stealthy; there was no question what the agenda was going to be and there was no question of the heightened accountability that arrived concomitant to that agenda. Democrats seem befuddled that politicians would actually stand on publically stated principal. Standing on principal is, according to the President and Democratic leadership, a lack of responsibility.

“The Tea Party won’t let Speaker Boehner make a deal, it’s all their fault, they’re right wingers. They won’t compromise!” The weekend talking points were so consistent as to take on the aspect of mindless mantra. Despite the abject failure of the President or Democratic leadership to offer a plan or a budget the full responsibility for the absence of a debt deal falls on House Republicans. Secretary Geithner could not leap to that point quickly or frequently enough, calling for “responsibility”.

The Secretaries’ admonition may have been meaningful were he to have had a history of calling for “responsibility” from his own party. The talking point minions ignored the two year absence of Democratic leadership on all things fiscal. They, of course, ignored the fact that it has been clear from day one that new taxes was a non-starter in the House and yet Democrats insist on new taxes; responsibility?

Praying for default”; The Secretary said in relation to Conservatives in the House. It appears however that the talking points have fallen on deaf ears as the President’s disapproval ratings soared to its most significant level since March, -21% (Rasmussen). General approve/disapprove now shows an 11% gap. Further polling shows that a majority fears that a debt deal will result in the higher taxes Democrats are committed to. They’re right!

Yet, all of this current upheaval is the Tea Party’s fault, because they are inclined to stand on principals, public and clear to all. In light of the fact that the Tea Party had nothing to do with the underlying context of why we’re even having a debt debate, it’s their fault. Ignore a failed stimulus, Obamacare, cash for clunkers, expansion of the welfare state and class warfare. Ignore all of that and you actually can come to the conclusion that it’s the Tea Party that’s the problem!

That is a lot to ignore and yet Democrats in Washington seem capable of turning the trick. Fascinating!