Iran Will Not Stop!

The conflict with Iran is, at its lowest common denominator, about courage, vision, political will and the ability to clearly identify threats. Iran has it in abundance, as is often the case with totalitarian regimes; the West does not. Of late, the headlines are disturbing; threatening letters to American officials and by extension the President, reports of previously undisclosed underground missile silos, major missile tests, and the order from Supreme Leader Khamenei to accelerate not just development of nuclear weapons capabilities but testing and weaponization. In some quarters the belief exists that testing has already occurred near the Iranian coast, reported as an “earthquake”.

The Supreme Leader has “promised” to target Israel and all American bases in the region believing that overextended American military assets and a lack of political will provides the opportunity to intimidate America and the West. Iran has also threatened Turkey. The basis for the threats is Syria and maintaining President Assad in power. By extension it is also about Hiz’bAllah and the potential damage to Hiz’bAllah should Assad fall to the protests. Ongoing reports indicate that Iranians are deeply involved in the slaughter in Syria and that the “street gangs” are actually IRGC regulars dispatched to help eliminate the protests in Syria. The code words here by Khamenei are important; the Syrian protestors are “enemies of God” thus apostates, not true Muslims and fully qualified for death at the hands of the “true believers”; same holds true for Turkey. Turkey just might want to reevaluate their recent embrace of Iran in light of the threats of attack.

Mohammed-Reza Maghdi, an Iranian commander, has declared that America and England have been infiltrated. That is and has been the case in England and throughout Europe for decades. Reports of infiltration in America by Islamists, independent of the commander’s declaration have been reported since 2006. The aforementioned headlines occurred in just the past two weeks mainly as reported by Reza Kahlili. Rhetoric, engagement and sanctions have not and will not push Iran off course, the evidence could not be clearer. Iran has no reason to believe that policy statements or threat assessments by the West will result in action. The evidence of Iranian intent is unambiguous to anyone who simply accepts Iranian statements as true indications of policy and intent. It is not necessary to make it up, identify a bogeyman or engage in deep analysis; you simply have to take Iran at its word. Iran has, so far, been good to their word in all aspects, doing exactly what they said they would so.
In each test posed by Iran the West has failed miserably. Tested us since the Beirut Marine bombings over the course of four different Presidential administrations and we’ve yet to graduate the course. We insist on appeasement and repetition of strategies that have resulted in abject failure; the classic definition of insanity. The response to the Beirut bombing; pull out. The response to the Cole bombing was weak at best. The response to Mogadishu, pull out; the response to 9/11 insufficient. The response to Iranian involvement in Iraq resulting in American deaths was essentially nonexistent. The response to Iranian influence in Afghanistan, absent. The clear targeting of Israel and the promise of genocide has been met by an American President pulling back from the defense of Israel and adopting a degree of empathy with Hamas that assures Israeli isolation. Most critically, the Iranian nuclear program has proceeded apace regardless of international challenges, sanctions or U.N. disapproval. China and Russia have guaranteed the survival of the Iranian nuclear program. Iran serves as their proxy in an effort to accelerate the decline of the West in which the West has willingly participated blinded by an unwillingness to accept Iranian intent or Sino Russian policy. The red line is now being approached as the onset of Iran as a member of the nuclear weapons club begins to look inevitable. By some estimates the realization of Iran as a nuclear weapons club member could occur as early as 2012. For two years U.S. fears of an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack have been widely reported. There can be little doubt associated with Iranian will, fueled by the broadly held belief among the governing elite that the Islamic messiah must be preceded by chaos and war. Can we point to any confrontation with Iran that has been met with Iranian submission? Can we point to any international action that has made an indisputable point to Iran that their path will be punished? Nuclear weapons, terrorism, subversion and a 30 year undeclared war on U.S. and Western interests have been greeted by………nothing of substance.

The Iranian regime is justified in the opinion that outside of Israel, there is nothing to fear.