Michelle And The MSM

It’s tempting to comment on the debate, such temptations are
not allowed to go begging lightly. However, there is little to talk about.  There is, however, a fertile field of cynicism
to be plowed.

Mitt attempted to demonstrate statesman like behavior and
the rest gave him a pass.  Herman get’s
the threat of Sharia and Mitt does not!  Newt
actually disciplined himself. Ron Paul just drifts off to places only he knows.  Rick did alright but the fear is that the
light is on but there is really no one home. 
Tim did not lose any ground but his refusal to take on Mitt disallowed gaining
any.  The only significant areas of
disagreement are attached to Paul Ryan’s plan; everyone will have a plan.   

The MSM has apparently discovered Michelle Bachman; WARNING
Will Robinson, WARNING, DANGER!

Could they, somehow, have missed the basic facts despite her
profile over the past two years: married, lawyer, foster parent to two dozen
and five kids of her own?  The media is not,
for the moment, giving her the Palin treatment. 
One has to wonder why.  They are
both attractive, both have families, both have been involved in business, both
are constitutional conservatives both are high profile with the Tea Party.  Why the difference?  By MSM standards Palin and Bachman are the
same species of crazy right wing nut jobs. 

Does the MSM really, really, really like Michelle?  If so, why don’t they care for Sarah?  The similarities far outweigh the
differences.  Is the MSM picking the
Republican they are sure they can beat? 
Trying to piss off Palin?  Perhaps
they have decided to pay the penance for the horrific representations of
conservative women that have been kneejerk fare for the liberal media?  Yea, that it, they’re guilty!  

Perhaps the MSM has just not caught up; after all, they’ve
been very busy looking for recruits to read the Palin e-mails.  Worry not though; the double standard will be
back in play any day now.

Debbie Wasserman can, with a straight face, and negligible push
back, tell us that the economy is already beginning to turn around on the cusp
of two weeks of horrific economic news, an unsettled OPEC predicting higher
prices, dramatic increases in food and fuel, inflation just around the corner and
no deals on the horizon.  Memo to the
middle class, Debbie runs the show at the Democratic National Committee; she’s
a Pelosi cloning experiment that will take you down the same path.  But, I digress.

Hate to tell you this Michelle, but you can check with John
McCain on this.  If the MSM professes
their love and adoration, it means they don’t fear you, but they’d like to use
you.  “Honoring” John King and CNN with
your candidate announcement will likely alienate the conservative outlets that
have supported you for the past three years. 
Just saying! 

MSM wants you!  They
want you to fail.  We’re not saying you
will, but that’s not the point.    

The MSM is likely sure that defending the Obama record is
going to be a tough haul; you know, credibility wise.  Would it not be easier to just get behind the
Republican they think will lose; to adopt the veneer of objectivity for a
little while?